Luli Fama

They say that it takes two things to launch a new brand: quality products and a wicked marketing campaign. Luli Fama’s swimsuits are undoubtedly stunning. However, the brand didn’t get much attention until Irina Shayk, one of the most beautiful and famous models in the world, was contacted by Lourdes Hanimian (Luli) and her brother in law to promote their creations.

Lourdes was born in Cuba and brought up in Miami, where Luli Fama swimsuits are designed and manufactured. Augusto was born in Argentina. They both appreciate art and quality, which is why they prefer importing handmade jewelry and fine fabrics from all over the world, rather than just… [READ MORE]

Caffè Swimwear

Caffè Swimwear has recently launched its online boutique in order to reach a wider audience and take over the whole world. The woman who is behind the beautiful collection is not only incredibly beautiful and remarkably talented, but she is also Colombian.

What does being Colombian have to do with designing beautiful swimsuits? The answer is simple. Although the world is inhabited by hundreds of talented fashion designers, when it comes to swimwear, South America is the place where new trends are set.

Paula Saavedra studied marketing in the United States, and at some point in her career she realized that there are not many high-end swimwear collections out there… [READ MORE]

14 August 2011: Rio de Sol Takes Palm Beach

When you hear the name Palm Beach, your mind automatically goes to sandy beaches accented with beautiful palms and the back drop of an endless ocean. What better place to host a fashion show to promote your swimwear and other accessories?

A Brazilian company named Rio de Sol is one step ahead with the idea. This company promotes its beach wear on the Palm Beaches of Cannes in France. Being a company that makes all types of swimwear for both males and female, they take the time each summer to bring their collection to life.

Nothing this big can happen without perfect models. The male models were packed with the… [READ MORE]

Rio de Sol Fashion Tour Saint Tropez @ Pampelonne Beach

On August 15th, 2011, the Rio de Sol Fashion Tour Saint Tropez was held somewhere really special: at the world-renowned Pampelonne Beach! This event is known for its lavish appeal and great product lines. There is nothing like enjoying a good fashion show on the shore of a beach.`

The Pampelonne Beaches are known for their beautiful scenery. All the pictures for this event have the back drop of palm tress, sandy beaches and the waves of the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.

The Models
What better way to get a good start in a modeling career than a fashion show? This tour uses both male and female models. These… [READ MORE]

Rediscovering the Classic Elegance of Panama Hats

If you are heading off to the beach and you need a trendy hat to wear, you should check out Panama hats. These hats started being crafted in Ecuador centuries ago. However, they are becoming quite popular once again.

You can see famous celebrities walking around in their trendy Panama hats such as Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes, to name but a few. The classic elegant appeal of this hat makes it well loved by fashion forward men and women worldwide.

Those who are into boho-chic style should definitely consider adding a couple of Panama hats to their accessory collection. Moreover, a Panama hat would be a great… [READ MORE]

Panache Swimwear

When Anthony Power established Panache in 1982, he had no idea he would end up selling swimwear and accessories alongside lingerie.

Before launching Panache, Power worked as a sales executive for a lingerie firm and realized that very little attention was being given to fuller busted-women who sometimes find it difficult to find the right lingerie and swimwear to fit their body, as they need bras that provide extra support.

Today, Panache is one of the most successful British lingerie manufacturers and exports all over the world, thanks to its website which allows women to purchase lingerie and swimsuits online.

You may find Panache’s stores in the United States, China, [READ MORE]