Amanzi Swimwear

Amanzi is a very particular brand that has been founded specifically to provide professional swimmers and athletes with comfortable chlorine resistant swimsuits.

Considering the company’s target market, anyone would expect its swimsuits to be plain coloured and not too feminine, which is why I was surprised when I first saw its products. Flowers, dolls, butterflies, palm trees, rainbows, castles, magic wands and imaginary heroines are just some of the things that you will find printed on Amanzi’s swimsuits.

Even though most of them come in the same style, they are all made unique by their original designs and bold colours which are sure to create quite an impact. As you… [READ MORE]

Roxy Swimwear

Founded in 1990, Roxy is one of those companies that offer a wide range of products, including footwear, clothing and accessories. It has become popular as a sportswear supplier and, as such, it places great importance on both quality and comfort, which are essential when swimming, surfing, climbing and exercising.

Roxy’s swimwear collections are no exception, as they all consist of comfortable swimsuits priced between $25.00 and $100.00. Even though Roxy’s products are targeted at athletic consumers, you don’t have to be a particularly dynamic person to purchase a Roxy swimsuit. So the company has recently started designing more feminine products, featuring delicate floral patterns and less serious designs, so… [READ MORE]

Maaji Swimwear

Maaji Swimwear has been designing top quality, luxury swimwear since 2002. Similar to other Colombian brands, Maaji’s collections are being promoted and sold worldwide, both online and offline.

The average price for a Maaji swimsuit is $120,00. We all know that we don’t need to pay that much to get a nice bikini. However, Maaji Swimwear uses elegant, top quality and durable materials which will make your swimsuit and accessories last a lifetime.

Most of Maaji’s products are completely reversible which means that you get two fabulous swimsuits for the price of one.

Although Maaji is known for its super sexy, skimpy bikinis, its collections include some beautiful one-pieces  which,… [READ MORE]

Babalu Swimwear

Lourdes Hanimian , the founder of Luli Fama, has recently launched her new summer collection, Babalu Swimwear.

Although this brand isn’t as successful as Luli Fama, it is bound to become widely appreciated among celebrities. Given the recent popularity of all things South American, probably as a result of the Pitbull mania that is spreading all over the world.

Unlike Luli Fama swimsuits, which are elegant, sophisticated, most Babalu bikinis and monokinis feature dramatic patterns and designs. This makes them incredibly sexy and also quite difficult to wear, unless you have a great body.

The bikini shown in the picture below should give you a more precise idea of what… [READ MORE]

Paradizia Swimwear

South America is known for its beautiful women, exotic landscapes and sandy beaches and have inspired numerous fashion designers. Paradizia Swimwear is a Colombian brand, founded in 2008, whose goal is to introduce women from all over the world to what South America has to offer. However, unlike the majority of South American beachwear manufacturers, Paradizia’s designers imagine their creations within a dream like atmosphere and translate their visions into beautiful swimsuits.

What makes Paradizia’s swimsuits unmistakable and easily recognizable is their vibrant colours, abstract patterns and unusual lines.

Below is a perfect example of the dream like atmosphere. Judging from the designs that adorn both the top and bottom,… [READ MORE]

Maui Swimwear

Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual, denn Ihre Gehirn erhält so viele Eindrücke, die sie verwirrter machen, als Sie es schon sind. In solchen Situationen sollten man sich auf die Details, die viele Menschen als zweitrangig betrachten, wie Qualität und Komfort, konzentrieren. Sie können in einen Laden gehen und viele Bikinis finden, die Ihnen gefallen, aber dann finden Sie heraus, dass keiner von ihnen gefüttert ist oder die Nähte sind nicht so akkurat, wie es zunächst den Anschein hatte.

Ihre Figur ist ein weiterer Faktor, den man beim Einkaufen von Badeanzügen beachten sollte, da ein im Katalog oder sonstwo toll aussehender Badeanzug unsere Stärken verdecken und die Schwächen hervorheben… [READ MORE]