Anita Swimwear

Anita Swimwear designs bikinis and one-piece swimsuits for women of all sizes, focusing on comfort and quality. Anita Swimwears swimsuits are designed specifically to make you feel good about yourself and let you move freely, because they are made of flexible materials which hug your body making you feel sexy and beautiful. The feature that best characterizes this brand is its designers’ ability to combine comfort and elegance, creating swimsuits which are classy and trendy at the same time. Anita’s swimsuits are usually embellished with geometric designs, animal patterns and floral prints and come in brown, turquoise, black and purple.

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Every swimwear brand has a philosophy or at least a particular feature that makes its products recognisable. Moontide has chosen to specialize in glamorous swimwear hoping to make its customers feel like Hollywood celebrities, even when they are at the beach.

The company was established in New Zealand in the early 1980’s and is now known for its innovative collections and proactive approach to fashion. For example, for its 2012/2013 fashion collection, Moontide decided to re-launch woven seersucker, a fabric that was widely used in the 1980’s for summer clothing.

The company has always been very proud of its roots and heritage, to the extent that it usually hires local… [READ MORE]

Miraclesuit Swimwear

Most men have no idea how hard it is for some women to wear a short dress, a pair of skinny jeans or a swimsuit without feeling deeply embarrassed. That is because women need to feel beautiful and good about themselves and if they don’t they will do whatever they can to go unnoticed, such as wearing dark colors and hiding their curves.

The funny thing is that numerous surveys have confirmed that men have a tendency to prefer curvy women to skinny ones, as long as their curves are well distributed.

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Isola by Megan Gale

Megan Gale has recently released her summer collection called “Isola”, which is characterized by bright, warm colours and original patterns. Each swimsuit was designed specifically to flatter women of all sizes and shapes, because Megan Gale believes that when it comes to swimwear, comfort is of paramount importance.

The beautiful model launched her collection for a private fashion show held in Valchiusa, where a few lucky guests got to witness her talent and good taste.
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Jantzen Swimwear

Jantzen is a popular swimwear brand that was founded in 1916. Its first marketing campaigns were very popular among marketing experts and retro swimwear lovers, as they all featured cartoon girls wearing large hats and skirted swimsuits in bright colours, such as baby blue, pink and red.

The Portland Knitting Company, Jantzen’s former parent company, was established by Zehntbauer and Jantzen in 1910. The company produced knitted goods which were then sold in its own retail store.

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Speedo is widely appreciated brand which was founded by Alexander MacRae in 1914 under the name “Fortitude”.

In the late 1920’s, MacRae designed an innovative swimsuit which was meant to literally hug a person’s body, allowing them to be dynamic and active without ever having to make “adjustments”. Moreover, it was soon found that MacRae’s creation allowed people to swim faster, which is why his staff came up with a new brand name that would reflect the exceptional qualities of the company’s products: Speedo®.

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