Maryan Mehlorn Swimwear

Maryan Mehlorn is a swimwear brand that offers feminine and innovative products. The unconventional touch that characterizes its swimsuits is the reason why  Maryan Mehlorn has become very popular in London, which is widely considered to be one of the world’s main fashion capitals.

In spite of featuring simple lines and sober colours, Maryan Mehlorn’s swimsuits stand out for their modern patterns and motifs.

The company has recently added new items such as kaftans, summer dresses and beach accessories to its product range,. The principles and values around which  Maryan Mehlorn’s business strategy revolves are beauty, innovation and comfort, which is why all of its swimsuits are made of high… [READ MORE]

Verdissima Swimwear

If you are looking for a swimsuit that is bold and sophisticated at the same time, you might want to have a look at Verdissima’s 2012 collection. Verdissima is a very particular swimwear brand which offers bikinis, monokinis, one-pieces, kaftans and many other summer related items that can be decorated with lace, studs and many other cheerful details.

It is evident that the goal of Verdissima’s founder was to provide women with top quality lingerie and unconventional swimsuits that would make them feel both sexy and comfortable at the same time. It should be noted that even though Verdissima is known for its bold lingerie and swimwear collections, its products… [READ MORE]

Hurley Swimwear

Hurley Swimwear is a widely appreciated brand known for its comfortable and durable swimsuits. Unlike other beachwear manufacturers, Hurley’s target market consists of athletes, surfers and people who don’t place too much importance on the latest fashion trends.

In fact, if we look at its latest products, we will find that most of them feature simple patterns and come in solid colours, including navy blue, brown, orange and baby blue. However, it should be noted that Hurley designs and manufactures swimwear for men, women and kids and that its women’s swimwear collections are usually bolder and trendier than its male lines. In view of Hurley Swimwear’s remarkable sales, it could… [READ MORE]

Freya Swimwear

Would you like to refresh your look  this summer? If you have finally decided to opt for a swimsuit that will leave everybody breathless, have a look a Freya Swimwear’s latest collections. This company offers both lingerie and swimwear which are designed specifically to satisfy women’s needs, making them feel sexy and feminine. That is why shapes, styles, fabrics and colours are always chosen very carefully by Freya’s designer.

Every woman would like to find a swimsuit that makes her feel good about herself, beautiful and appreciated, this is why Freya’s designers use a wide range of embellishments and decorations, such as bows, buttons and belts, whose purpose is to… [READ MORE]

Eda Swimwear

It is not that easy to come across popular swimwear brands that are not Brazilian. However, today we will talk about an English brand called Eda Swimwear. Eda Swimwear was founded in London and designs swimsuits for both men and women using bright colours and comfortable fabrics.

Unlike other brands, Eda places great importance on versatility which is why its swimwear collections feature many different styles. In other words, this brand does not have a specific target audience or market. If you look at its latest collection, you will find numerous solid colored bikinis, polka dotted swimsuits and a few pieces embellished with metallic decorations so that anyone will find… [READ MORE]

Biondi Couture

Biondi Couture is a brand founded in 2005 by Claudine Davis, known for its feminine swimwear collections and accessories. Davis and her team have worked for years to create a special collection that would make every woman appreciate her body, using materials which adhere to the body, emphasizing natural curves. Biondi Couture swimsuits are characterised by simple lines and fresh colours which are chosen specifically to enhance all complexions and to make you look sexy and classy at the same time.

Even though a high percentage of Biondi Couture’s swimsuits come in solid colours, you may personalise them by adding some funky accessories, such as straw hats and chunky necklaces… [READ MORE]