AGUA DOCE swimwear

Agua Doce swimwears. As the second swimwear brand of the Rosset Group, the first Lycra producer of South America, Agua Doce creates high quality products that will surely last a long time, as it is costantly searching for new solutions in order to make the most comfortable and durable swimsuits. Agua Doce has been on the market for more than 10 years and has gained success by taking inspiration from what best characterizes Brazil: sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes and wonderful sea

This Brazilian label has recently shown strong interest in reinterpreting classical elements, creating minimalistic, yet elegant patterns, rich in stripes, tropical flowers and geometrical figures.


Blue Man

This exquisite Brazilian beachwear label is run by David Azulay, a very successful entepreneur, who has many years of experience.
The story of this brand begins in the 70′s, in the mystical Ipanema.
David has always considered himself less devoted to fashion than his elder brother, Simon Azulay, who, on the other hand, has always been strongly connected to the fashion universe.
And that’s why the two brothers decided to dive into the beachwear business together, David, taking care of the accounting and Simon, designing his first swimsuits, including the denim bikini that attracted a lot of interest.

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The Banco de Areia is a rising swimwear brand, mainly appreciated for its amazing, yet bold use of colours and beautiful patterns. The Brazilian designer label has been on the market for more than 10 years and counts several stores all around Rio de Janeiro, where it first gained popularity. Women from all over the world have grown to appreciate these fantastic swimsuits, making the brand as successfully as it deserves.
The Banco de Areia shows an evident preference for triangle tops paired with colourful, at time belted, bottoms which are sure to make any woman look sexier than ever.
The Banco de Areia is



Enseada has seen strong growth since Maria Elena, one of the owners, made her first bikinis and decided, then, to start a business, thanks to her friends’ influence. Thirteen years ago, she started selling swimsuits in Bikini’s Street in Rio de Janeiro and, today, her company’s products are delivered all over the world.
So doing, Enseada has become a very appreciated brand, to the extent that it won several awards, most of which rewarded the company’s export sales and it counts several stores around Brazil.

This designer label has taken part in several fashion shows in Brazil, getting the chance


Rosa Chà

Rocha cha is a brazilian swimwear brand. Rosa cha bikinis history.

Beaches of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Beach of “La promenade” Along the lively Carnolès district, this very popular beach offers a lovely view on the East of Cap-Martin and Le Pirate Restaurant, a famous nightspot in Roquebrune.