Blue Seventy Swimwear

Blue Seventy Swimwear is a brand which was founded in 1993 in New Zealand and specializes in racing swimwear. This company has become increasingly popular over the past few years and has established various branches in Napier (New Zealand), Seattle (USA) and Bath (UK).

Ever since Blue Seventy Swimwear started selling performance swimwear aimed at athletes and professional swimmers, its philosophy has remained unvaried. In fact, the company has always wanted to create products that would encourage and help professional swimmers to realize their full potential.

In order to achieve this goal, Blue Seventy focuses on quality and resistance and uses highly durable materials. Moreover, its designers spend hours analysing… [READ MORE]

Anne Cole

Anne Cole Swimwear is a beachwear brand which is known among fashion lovers for its elegance and traditional views. Anne Cole’s founder started selling swimsuits in several European cities and then expanded worldwide, launching new stores in the world’s most important capital cities.

Anne Cole’s collections are characterized by sober and bright colours which are ideal for a wide range of occasions, such as a relaxing day at the beach or a glamorous poolside event, just to mention two examples.

Anne Cole’s bikinis are sexy, feminine yet sober, elegant and not too flashy. This is because their creator has always wanted her customers to be able to express their strong… [READ MORE]

Triumph Swimwear

Triumph Swimwear is a beachwear brand known all over the world for its collections which are characterized by bold colours, modern motifs and original prints. It was founded in Germany and has become increasingly popular thanks to its quality materials and chic details.

Triumph’s collections can be defined as comprehensive because they include bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces and monokinis which can be plain, elegant or very elaborate. Besides being very feminine, sexy and elegant, Triumph’s swimsuits are very comfortable and versatile, they can be worn on different occasions, including pool parties for an ordinary day at the beach. Moreover, their versatility allows you to personalize them with original accessories like bracelets,… [READ MORE]


Hawaii’s natural landscapes, weather and beauty make it an excellent tourist destination. However, people tend to overlook its history and cultural features, something which sisters Lisa Letarte Cabrinha and Michele Letarte Ross have always appreciated. In 2000, Lisa and Michele founded a brand, Letarte, which is now known for its Hawaiian spirit and is loved by thousands of people across the world, including several celebrities.

At first Letarte was nothing more than a sportswear brand, whose product portfolio was limited to comfortable dresses and cover-ups. Today, Letarte offers a wide range of swimsuits, cover-ups, dresses, shorts, hoodies, skirts and even trousers, which are made of breathable and flexible fabrics.  And… [READ MORE]

Jets Swimwear

Jets Swimwear was founded by Jessika Allen, a talented artist who has studied fashion, tailoring and design in Sydney and Milan.

She started her career in the fashion industry as a bodysuit designer and her first job allowed her to become familiar with stretch fabrics that hug the body, emphasizing its natural curves.

Among the things that inspire Jessica are art, different cultures, literature and history, which is why her collections convey a wide range of different ideas, instead of reflecting a precise concept.

If you are looking for a retro one-piece swimsuit that will make you look like a pin up model, a bikini that recalls the wild nature… [READ MORE]

Zeugari Beachwear

Zeugari Beachwear is a swimwear brand that was founded by Guy Boucher, who has always been interested in all things elegant and exotic. Considering the fabulous and affordable swimsuits that most retailers offer, it is not easy for a fashion designer to come up with something that will stand out, capturing everybody’s attention.

Thanks to its modern and unique designs, Zeugari has become widely appreciated among celebrities, including Fergie and Kim Kardashian.

Guy Boucher was born in Montreal and raised in Kapuskasing, Canada, where he fell in love with fashion and decided to take sewing lessons from his mother, a talented dance costume designer who was familiar with many different… [READ MORE]