Rachel Bilson: Beach Goer, Or Rodeo Clown?

When the day is hot and sunny, of course it is important for you to wear sunscreen to protect your skin form those harsh ultraviolet lights emanating from the sun. But I think in this case, Rachel takes things a bit too far.

I mean come on Rachel. What in the world is up with that cowboy hat? You’re on a beach, not participating in a rodeo. However, I have to admit that Rachel really looks great in this neon pink bathing suit consisting of a bandeau top and a low rise bottom.

This kind of bikini really flatters her fit body, even though she should start wearing colours that… [READ MORE]

Kim Kardashian at beach

Kim really has it all. She’s got the boobs, the booty, the abs. All in all, Kim is one hot sexy lady as she struts her stuff on the beach in this gorgeous gold metallic string bikini. The funny thing about seeing Kim in a bikini is actually noticing that she’s quite thin.

I always thought that she was curvy, which meant that I always thought she was a little bit on the heavier side of the scale.

But looking at her in her barely there bikini, you can obviously tell that not only does she work out, but her work out works! I don’t know about the rest of… [READ MORE]

Kesha’s ‘Retro’ Bikinis

Superstar pop singer, Kesha, was spotted on the sunny beaches of Australia wearing what appeared to be a bikini. Although I’m not exactly certain that we can qualify this train wreck of a bathing suit as a bikini.

As a rule, bikinis are supposed to flatter a woman, and make her look sexy. Apparently rules were meant to be broken because Kesha surely made a doozy of a mistake when she pulled on this ‘retro’ high waisted swimsuit with barely a top there.

I wonder who picked that swimsuit for Kesha, because there is no way that her stylist would have let her walk out in public wearing this monstrosity.… [READ MORE]

William, Kate and Pippa Middleton on a Boat in Ibiza: A Scandalous Vacation?

Kate Middleton has fast become one of the most popular people in the world due to the massive attention the media have given her recently.

The English are obviously happy William has found his true love, but I can not help observing that hundreds of blogs and videos against Kate Middleton have been flooding the Internet during the last few months.

English ladies and gentlemen alike don’t seem to be very happy with Kate’s lack of class, as she has been spotted wearing short see through dresses that didn’t leave much to the imagination on several occasions.

Moreover, Kate, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is known to be a crazy… [READ MORE]

Eva Longoria Shows Off New Body and Bikini in Cabo, Mexico

Eva Jacqueline Longoria might not be particularly tall, but she is sure to be a very desirable woman who has played secondary roles in many movies and series, before becoming a celebrity thanks to the ABC TV Series Desperate Housewives, which has been watched by over 120 million fans.

Despite her beauty and well proportioned body, Eva was not allowed to become a model due to her height, which is said to be around 5’2”.

However, she’s been married to Tyler Christopher and Tony Parker, two undeniably handsome men and has a great career. Now, we all know beautiful women find it easier to achieve their goals as opposed… [READ MORE]

Tone Up Your Bottom To Wear A Brazilian Thong

Summer is fast approaching and this means its swimsuit season for us ladies.  It’s that time of the year when we can get away with wearing skimpy and fun outfits as we lay out basking ourselves in the sun. Show off that body and make heads turn with your hot figure this summer by toning up your bum.

Women always go for exercises for flatter stomachs while completely ignoring their bums. Always remember that a swimsuit requires a good, perfectly toned up butt for it to work best. Take note that guys are also heavily attracted to this muscly body part too.

Its time to get your bottom ready… [READ MORE]