Zeugari Beachwear

Zeugari Beachwear is a swimwear brand that was founded by Guy Boucher, who has always been interested in all things elegant and exotic. Considering the fabulous and affordable swimsuits that most retailers offer, it is not easy for a fashion designer to come up with something that will stand out, capturing everybody’s attention.

Thanks to its modern and unique designs, Zeugari has become widely appreciated among celebrities, including Fergie and Kim Kardashian.

Guy Boucher was born in Montreal and raised in Kapuskasing, Canada, where he fell in love with fashion and decided to take sewing lessons from his mother, a talented dance costume designer who was familiar with many different sewing techniques.

While studying at Seneca College in Toronto,  Boucher also developed a strong interest in photography and started working for several fashion designers in Canada.

Thanks to the professional experience that he gained while in Canada, Guy realized that he was ready to start his own company. According to his initial vision, Zeugari would revolve around harmony, beauty and elegance, which are the characteristics that have made it such a successful brand.

Zeugari Beachwear combines quality and beauty by using fine, UV ray resistant and bold coloured fabrics. However, what really makes Zeugari swimsuits unique is their incredible patterns which are enhanced by the stones that Guy Boucher creates himself, in order to give his swimsuits, cover-ups and accessories a royal touch. The image below shows a beautiful bikini from Zeugari 2012 Summer Collection, which includes various swimsuits, kaftans, cover-ups and a remarkable “Foot Candy” line.

This bikini comes in a bold shade of blue and consists of a ruffled top that creates the illusion of a wider bust and a low waisted bottom. Anyone can wear this swimsuit, regardless of their skin tone, as its shiny blue fabric has been chosen specifically to make its wearer look like a princess.  Moreover, both the top and the bottom are embellished with tiny metallic rings which give the whole swimsuit a precious touch.

Below is a kaftan from Zeugari’s latest summer collection.

This incredible piece features stunning floral patterns, a tiny rope which emphasizes the waist and is embellished with breath-taking golden and metallic decorations which will draw everybody’s attention to your cleavage and stomach.

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