Zac Efron: Sexy Beast

Where do I even begin to start with this hot piece of man cake? His chiseled body? His great hair? That adorable smile? It’s all so overwhelming. Why don’t we start with the most important part, shall we? You got it ladies. We’re going to go in depth about this young star’s muscles.

I just can’t help myself. Efron must work out twenty-four/seven. How else did he get that magnificent body? He looks as if he could be a Greek statue in a posh museum. He doesn’t have a six pack of abs, oh no, that’s not enough for this man.

He had to go all the way and make millions of women swoon with his clearly visible eight pack. One of my favorite things about Efron is that yes, he is fit, but he’s not bulky. You see so many male celebrities these days walking on the beach, looking like they were pumped full of steroids, or balloons.

I don’t know which, but either of the two could be a possibility. Those are the kinds of male celebrities that actually kind of scare me a little bit. I mean, they’re huge, bulky, and sometimes, I don’t know if they have a ton of muscle, or if that’s just a well toned beer belly.

Now that we’ve covered the basic drool enhancing muscles of this incredibly sexy twenty something, why don’t we move on to something a wee bit more trivial than that. His swimming trunks.

I have to admit, even though those shorts are just regular shorts, they are still a fantastic piece of clothing on him. I have the feeling that Zac Efron could pull off anything, even a barrel or a paper bag.

Of course, if he were to only wear a paper bag, I highly doubt that that bag would stay around him for very long. But back to the important things.

As hot as Efron is in this ensemble, I have to say that I would have much rather preferred to see him in some actual swimming trunks. I mean, you are at a beach. Or is he just another one of those cocky guys who like to strut around with his shirt off all the time? Heck, I hope so.

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