William, Kate and Pippa Middleton on a Boat in Ibiza: A Scandalous Vacation?

Kate Middleton has fast become one of the most popular people in the world due to the massive attention the media have given her recently.

The English are obviously happy William has found his true love, but I can not help observing that hundreds of blogs and videos against Kate Middleton have been flooding the Internet during the last few months.

English ladies and gentlemen alike don’t seem to be very happy with Kate’s lack of class, as she has been spotted wearing short see through dresses that didn’t leave much to the imagination on several occasions.

Moreover, Kate, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is known to be a crazy party girl who loves having fun, just like her sister Pippa. Pippa has, of course, been immortalized wearing a mini dress made of toilet paper and her brother, whose naked pictures must have made quite an impression on the Queen.

However, rumours say that Prince William was struck by Kate’s beauty when he saw her walk down the catwalk in this see through dress:

Well, we can not really blame Prince William for having fallen prey to Kate’s stunning body, which she never misses a chance to show off.

A few months ago, Kate and her then fiancé were spotted chilling on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain. Prince William was wearing a pair of red trunks which matched his rosy cheeks and slightly sunburned chest while Kate got a chance to show off her Mediterranean skin tone which she enhanced by wearing a total white bikini, consisting of a halterneck triangle top and a low rise bottom.

She proved to have great fashion taste by pairing her white bikini with a beautiful silver necklace, which really complimented her skin tone and gave her a royal touch.

It appears that Pippa, Kate’s sister, loves spending time with the royal couple and feels very comfortable being around her brother-in-law, to the extent that she was spotted sunbathing topless in William’s presence!

Ever since Kate Middleton became a celebrity, her sister Pippa has received much attention from magazines, newspapers, radio, television and other media, which have labeled her as “England’s most desired single woman”.

It is obvious that the media referred to Pippa’s new prominent role as Kate’s sister and Prince William’s sister-in-law and not to her being beautiful. Did that sound too bitter? Well take a look at this picture and let us know your opinion.

2 Responses to “William, Kate and Pippa Middleton on a Boat in Ibiza: A Scandalous Vacation?”

  1. Janett says:

    OMG I can’t stand these two gold diggers!

  2. Hypatia says:

    mi stanno proprio antipatiche sia lei che pippa