What to Wear at The Swimming Pool?

Referring to the category of swimsuits as “beachwear” is not totally correct, as swimsuits can, of course, also be worn at swimming pools as well.

As you probably know, the water used to fill swimming pools is treated with chlorine, a clear solution that is added to keep water clean and to kill bacteria.

Allergic reactions of chemical chlorine are quite rare, but that is not what we are interested in. This solution, in fact, can literally eat up the dyes used to make our swimsuits colourful and trendy, fade the fabric and make our swimsuits look dull and unpleasant to wear.

Therefore it is crucial that you should purchase a high quality swimsuit if you intend to swim in chlorine-treated water and stick to the swimming pool etiquette. You may have never heard of these before, even though it consists of a few very important rules that all men, women and even children should follow when enjoying the pleasures of the swimming pool.

In the first place, unlike the beach where people are not charged to sunbathe and swim in the sea, swimming pools imply the purchase of entry tickets, which may cost as little as 4 Euros or even several hundreds of Euros, depending on the swimming pool of your choice.

There are swimming pools that are part of recreational centres including gyms, golf courses, Turkish baths and so on, which can not be accessed unless you join this prestigious club.

Returning to the aforementioned set of rules, no one should enter a swimming pool without a pair of fancy flip flops or sandals, a nice, chlorine-proof swimsuit, a nice bag where to keep lotions, sunscreen, sunglasses, mobile phone and all other personal items in, a beach towel and, last but not least, a caftan, a dress or a long t-shirt to access the swimming pool.

When it comes to swimwear, you should not be afraid to show some hubris and be bold by choosing a swimsuit that is eye catching and luxurious.

Depending on your personality, you may go for one of the following styles:

Elegant: choose a one-piece, a monokini or a bikini that has golden chains and precious details. Go for stylish colours, such as beige, white, champagne, black or, why not, burgundy. Match a big pair of sunglasses, a golden necklace and a big hat.
Trendy: go for a bikini featuring original motifs and deep colours such as fuchsia, blue and emerald green. Cover up with a caftan embellished with spangles and match it with some chunky accessories.
Retro: choose a striped or dotted bikini composed of a padded bandeau top (strapless) and a bottom without any adornments. Recommended colours are white, black and red.
Sexy: nothing will make you look hotter than a Brazilian bikini. Make sure the bottom is tiny enough to show your curves and don’t be afraid to enhance your neckline with a jewel. Match with a pair of Ipanema flip flops, a Brazilian canga wrapped around the waist and you are ready to go!

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