What Beach Accessories Flatter Your Skin Tone?

When it comes to fashion, accessories are just as important as clothes as they can define an outfit’s character. Moreover, you should know that the accessories and jewellery you wear say a lot about your personality, which means that it won’t be difficult for a complete stranger to tell whether you are shy, sensitive, self-confident or aggressive.

Beach accessories are no different. If you want to complete your summer look by adding a few accessories, it is important that you think twice before making a decision. In fact, while a child can afford to wear as many colourful necklaces as she likes, we adults have to stick to a few simple rules.

First, you should determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. That’s the easy part because all you have to do is observe the inner part of your wrist. If your veins appear greenish, it means that you have a warm skin tone, so you will look great in warm colours and gold jewellery. If, on the contrary, your veins look more blue than green, it means that you have a cool skin tone, so you should choose bright colours.

If you belong to the first category, warm colours such as beige, brown and gold will certainly flatter your skin tone. To achieve an even more stunning look, why not choose a monokini decorated with golden metallic rings? You may match it with golden earrings, necklaces and bracelets that will give your skin a beautiful glow.

Find a white, black or straw tote bag decorated with golden details and take a look at Ipanema’s latest footwear collection. Ipanema is a Brazilian flip flop manufacturer whose flip flops are known for their comfort and beauty. Many of them come with golden Y straps, trendy designs and deep coloured soles which will complete your fabulous summer look.

If you belong to the second category, you will have to strive for pure elegance. Your skin tone will be flattered by deep colours such as navy blue, emerald green, black and, if you like, red. Silver jewellery will certainly add an ethereal touch to your skin, which is exactly what we want to achieve.

If you like pastels, avoid dull colors as they would penalize your skin tone. Instead, go for boldly colored resin bracelets and necklaces and stay away from too playful motifs and designs, unless you are a teenager.

Go for oversize tote bags and wide hats and, with regards to footwear, choose a pair of flip flops among the many designed by Gisele Bundchen for Ipanema, as they are enriched with lilac, purple, blue and black stones and jewels.

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