Vitamin A – Swimwear

It was 10 years ago when designer Amahlia Stevens decided to launch her own swimwear line, making the best out of her studies, experience and roots.

This innovative creator, in fact, grew up in California, where people take the sea very seriously.

And it is thanks to this sunny country and its hot people that Amahlia started to draw her first swimsuit collection, featuring very simple colours but an extremely modern cut that has been named the “Californian Cut”, being absolutely new and unique. This particular style is a mix between the extra small Brazilian bikini and the more traditional American cut.

The most surprising fact about this brand is that it debuted in 2000 with only 4 black bikinis and, today, it offers many different options, known for their laid-back style, original silhouettes, rich Italian hardware and fabrics and a wide range of colours and patterns.

Even though Amahlia Stevens’ creations are known to be inspired by jet-setters’ glamorous and chic life, her collections allow anyone to play with their fantasy and creativity, since all pieces can be mixed and matched, giving, in any case, amazing results!

Also, this brand counts an extraordinary fan base, including Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller and many other celebrities who have deeply fallen in love with Vitamin A and can’t really get enough of its stylish swimsuits.

Thanks to its combination of Californian style and European high-fashion, you will find this brand on the covers of the main magazines and in the most exclusive boutiques and stores all around the world, such as Barneys New York, Calypso boutique in St.Barths and many others…

If you wish to look trendy, hot and glamorous, Vitamin A is sure to be the right brand for you, with its chic and edgy swimwear that has become a synonym for quality, luxury and beauty.

Amahlia Stevens, in fact, is specialized in fine arts and has transformed her deep knowledge of the human body into beautifully designed pieces, embellished with laces, jewels and athermic rings, in order to make women look their best at the beach, without making any effort!

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