The story behind the birth of Vilebrequin swim shorts is as much interesting as unbelievable.
The founder of this swimwear brand started his company in 1970, when he made his first pair of swim trunks out of a red and white tablecloth.

He was quite satisfied with the shape but the fabric was not good; therefore, he started to search for new soft, yet durable materials.
Vilebrequin started selling his innovative swim shorts in Saint Tropez, where both celebrities and ordinary men started to wear and love them.

The first Vilebrequin store opened in 1996 and the unique swimwear designs it offered became a real hit, to the extent that, within a few years, this brand started to produce shorts and trunks in all styles, shapes and materials (long, short, classic, trendy, mono colour, patterned, laced and so on…).
Even though this brand is continuously expanding its boundaries, opening new stores in the major capitals of the world, its products are still sold in the original store in Saint Tropez, where this whole fantastic adventure started.

But let’s see how this French label has gained such great popularity.

In the first place, very few brands are specialized in manufacturing men’s swimwear, since, as we all know, most of them have always been exclusively focused on women.

In the second place, we should not forget how important France is, and Paris in particular, in influencing the international fashion industry.

Being Vilebrequin a French label with a remarkable history, this brand has obviously given men’s swimwear the dignity of high fashion status.
After all, this underestimated category does not apparently give designers the possibility to play with colours and designs.

On the other hand, Vilebrequin has turned this common belief into its strength, creating original and colourful swim shorts, that are designed with the fashion conscious man in mind.

In fact, both men and women want and deserve the chance to be trendy and hot at the beach, wearing designer swimsuits that can make them feel good about themselves.
Whether you wish to look classic or trendy, at Vilebrequin you will find shorts in all motifs and patterns, including flowers, stripes, geometrical designs, starfishes and many others, that will surely meet your taste.


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