UV Line Protects You Against the Harmful Effects of UV Rays

Because fashion designers want us to show off an amazing tan this summer, we must arm ourselves with better products and accessories that will filter harmful UV rays. We will not have to deal with those horrible dark spots that appear between August and September or, if we think further, with even worse problems.

There is a golden rule we should never forget: too much of anything can be dangerous, the sun included.
Spending too many hours in direct sunlight or on sun beds may actually lead to premature aging, dehydration but can also cause skin cancer.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should spend our entire lives indoors. All we have to do is keep in mind a few fundamental rules and make sure that we provide ourselves with the right weapons to defeat dangerous UV rays.

UV Line is a Brazilian company that offers beautiful lines of clothing and accessories to help you protect against the harmful effects of UV rays.

It goes without saying that UV Line is very popular in Brazil, where the beach is not only a place where people sunbathe and have fun, but also symbolises the Brazilian lifestyle.

UV Line manufactures its clothes and accessories using high tech materials that have been researched and selected because they are able to absorb up to 90% of harmful UV rays.

The brand was founded in 2004, after several years of market research, and is widely valued because it combines the knowledge of many internationally acclaimed dermatologists with the passion for fashion of Ana Julia and Lyonel Pellegrino.

The brand offers clothing lines and accessories that protect from harmful UV rays for women, men and children, and is mainly known in South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Moreover, most clothing and accessories by UV Line are made of materials that have been treated in such a way to reduce bacteria proliferation. This is especially a problem which arises when it gets hot, perspiration allows bacteria to multiply.

So what is it that UV Line suggests we should get ourselves to avoid all of the aforementioned problems?

Shorts that facilitate blood circulation, beach umbrellas, light kaftans, dresses, t-shirts and hats.

UV Line has launched several collections of fancy hats with bows, ribbons, and other decorations. Hats are made from linen, straw, cotton and other natural materials and are very likely to come in light colours since, as you surely know, they repel UV rays.

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