Turkey is a vast country divided between Europe and Asia. The western part of the country lies on European soil, while the Eastern part, on the other side of the Bosporus, also known as the Strait of Istanbul, lies on the vast Anatolian peninsula.

The country borders Bulgaria to the northwest, Georgia to the northeast, Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan to the east and Iraq and Syria to the southeast.

Its never ending southern coast hugs the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea to the west and the Black Sea to the north.

With this huge amount of water washing its soil, it is just logical that Turkey is a paradise for holidaymakers.

Istanbul has beautiful scenery, views and tourist attractions, such as the Topkapi Palace, the Galata Tower, Sultan Ahmet, Aya Sophia and many exquisitely decorated mosques that used to belong to the Byzantine Empire centuries ago, which were converted into Islamic mosques when the Ottomans took over.

But we are not here to talk about history, even though Turkey has many archaeological sites that would make every historian happy.

Here are the cities you don’t want to miss once in Turkey: Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and Pammukale.

  • Istanbul: is surrounded by amazing beaches. Yes, over 97% of the population is Muslim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear go to the beach wearing a bikini or a monokini. In fact, tourist cities like Istanbul are used to the presence of tourists from all over the world, so people have become very open-minded across the years. Some of the most beautiful Istanbul beaches are the True Blue Beach, where you will find swimming pools, bars, facilities and live performances, the BURC Beach, where you will meet hundreds of students, since the beach belongs to the Bogaziçi University.
  • Antalya:is the place where you can attend fashion shows, sports events, concerts and much more. The nightlife of Antalya is known all over the world: discos, clubs, restaurants, pubs etc, etc, all by the sea. Its sandy beaches and turquoise waters, combined with the many cocktail bars that are spread along the coast make Antalya one of Turkey’s top must-see places.
  • Pammukale, which in Turkish means “cotton castle”, is an amazing place that you may reach by bus from Istanbul. It is known for its white natural terraces where people may bathe while enjoying the most beautiful view.
  • Bodrum is loved by young Turkish people as it offers beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and many cliffs overlooking the sea and where people love to jump off.

However, there are many other seaside resorts you should not miss, such as Izmir, Iskenderun, Alanya, Aydin, Bozcaada, Denizli and Mersin, known for their wild nightlife and natural beauty.

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  1. Fred Resoort says:

    The capital city of Turkey is Istanbul?
    WRONG!!! The capital city of Turkey is Ankara!