Tara Reid: The Bride of Frankenstein

Alrighty. So where do I start with this one? The huge fake boobs, or the horribly botched tummy tuck? Tara, Tara, Tara. What the heck were you thinking? When you starred in American Pie, you were absolutely gorgeous.

Sure, your boobs were on the smaller side but hey, at least you didn’t have to deal with the bouncing twins of terror. Those things could poke your eye out if they swung up too far.

It really is sad how a lot of women feel pressured to change themselves just because they believe that that is what men want and look for, and that is all society cares about. The truth is, most people will look down on you if you get plastic surgery. Just look at celebrities who get plastic surgery.

Before surgery, they’re loved by everyone. But as soon as the media gets wind of someone getting plastic surgery, immediately the dogs are let loose to chew them out and rip them a new one.

But even though celebrities get publicly attacked for getting plastic surgery, many women still think that it is a good idea to go under the knife to change their appearance. If you weren’t happy with yourself before the surgery, you aren’t going to be happy with yourself after the surgery.

If you hate your body that much, you need therapy not surgery. And as you can see, surgeries can end up as a horrible disaster.

Case in point: Tara Reid. Also, if you know that you have a botched tummy tuck, then why on earth would you think that you can and should wear a bikini?

You shouldn’t! Tara sweetie, you just look like a burn victim. You don’t look any skinnier to me, and I’m sure that you do not appear any skinnier to other people as well. If you keep going at the rate you are, your boobs will get bigger, your stomach will get smaller, and sooner or later you will cave in on yourself like a dead star…no pun intended.

I do like the bikini, and it would have looked great on her, if only she didn’t have that horrible scar tissue on her stomach from her surgery. All this shows the public that Tara is extremely self conscious about her body. If she was perfectly happy with the way she looked, as she says she is, then she never would have gotten plastic surgery in the first place.

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One Response to “Tara Reid: The Bride of Frankenstein”

  1. Tam control urself! says:

    OH GOSH! that’s creepy girl!couldnt she wear a nice one-piece suit and cover that -whatever you call it-stuff?