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14 August 2011: Rio de Sol Takes Palm Beach

When you hear the name Palm Beach, your mind automatically goes to sandy beaches accented with beautiful palms and the back drop of an endless ocean. What better place to host a fashion show to promote your swimwear and other accessories?

A Brazilian company named Rio de Sol is one step ahead with the idea. This company promotes its beach wear on the Palm Beaches of Cannes in France. Being a company that makes all types of swimwear for both males and female, they take the time each summer to bring their collection to life.

Nothing this big can happen without perfect models. The male models were packed with the… [READ MORE]

Rio de Sol Fashion Tour Saint Tropez @ Pampelonne Beach

On August 15th, 2011, the Rio de Sol Fashion Tour Saint Tropez was held somewhere really special: at the world-renowned Pampelonne Beach! This event is known for its lavish appeal and great product lines. There is nothing like enjoying a good fashion show on the shore of a beach.`

The Pampelonne Beaches are known for their beautiful scenery. All the pictures for this event have the back drop of palm tress, sandy beaches and the waves of the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.

The Models
What better way to get a good start in a modeling career than a fashion show? This tour uses both male and female models. These… [READ MORE]

RiodeSol® Swimwear

RiodeSol® is sure to embody more than any other brand the true Brazilian spirit, offering swimsuits that enable every woman to wear a “piece of Brazil” whenever she likes.

Established in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, RiodeSol®’s first aim was to expand its market throughout Brazil and France, by exporting its fancy swimsuits.

But things didn’t go exactly like that: in a few years, in fact, RiodeSol® bikinis started to be requested by women from all over the world, who got to know the fabulous collections launched by this brand thanks to the many e commerce websites RiodeSol®’s creators decided to make use of, in order to facilitate the diffusion… [READ MORE]

R Sobral

To fully understand the essence of R Sobral jewelry, we should first recall the culture which has had the most influence on its founder.
In the 1960′s, Carlos Alberto Rezende Sobral found himself completely immersed in the hippie culture and fashion, featuring bright and beautiful colours that really communicated a feeling of happiness and joy.
What Carlos wanted to do was express the same positive sensations through an outstanding production of jewelry.

He started to sell his handmade jewels and accessories at restaurants doors and fairs, but he really didn’t have much success.
And, in 1976, came the day when he discovered a new material that would [READ MORE]