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Sofia by ViX

In spite of ViX Swimwear great success, Paula Hermanny’s ambition has never stopped growing.

This fantastic designer has always tried to expand her brand’s limits in order to conquer the international beachwear market.

The result is the birth of three lines, all promoted by Paula: ViX Swimwear, Hermanny by ViX and Sofia by ViX. Each of these “branches” aims at meeting specific needs, such as comfort, femininity, sensuality, coverage, originality, affordability, durability and so on.

Since childhood, Paula Hermanny has always admired business women and holiday-makers, imagining how they would look in her swimsuits.

This talented chief designer really has eye for true beauty, and we can see that from… [READ MORE]

Hermanny by ViX

After the creation of ViX, Paula Hermanny kept developing her style and design, reaching a mature fashion consciousness that changed her philosophy and “sensitiveness”.

That’s why she decided to launch a new line, linked to the old ViX Swimwear, called Hermanny by ViX.

This new brand has been thought and designed by Paula keeping in mind mature women and moms.

Paula understood that there is a whole target out there, made of women who want to look sexy and classy, that very few brands think of.

These women are constantly looking for something that adapts to their curves, hiding what is supposed to be hidden and enhancing what is supposed… [READ MORE]

ViX Swimwear

Since Paula Hermanny decided to express her innovative vision of fashion and style by creating ViX Swimwear, this brand has been gaining in popularity and, today, is featured in the most important magazines and sold in the best boutiques all over the world.

The creator of ViX Swimwear, Paula Hermanny, has been raised in the little, yet beautiful town of Vitoria in Brazil, where she developed her philosophy, by analyzing and looking with admiration at the local people, especially career women who used to travel continuously from one place to another.

So the collections she first dreamt of were meant for active women imagining how good they would look in [READ MORE]