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RiodeSol® Swimwear

RiodeSol® is sure to embody more than any other brand the true Brazilian spirit, offering swimsuits that enable every woman to wear a “piece of Brazil” whenever she likes.

Established in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, RiodeSol®’s first aim was to expand its market throughout Brazil and France, by exporting its fancy swimsuits.

But things didn’t go exactly like that: in a few years, in fact, RiodeSol® bikinis started to be requested by women from all over the world, who got to know the fabulous collections launched by this brand thanks to the many e commerce websites RiodeSol®’s creators decided to make use of, in order to facilitate the diffusion… [READ MORE]

AGUA DOCE swimwear

Agua Doce swimwears. As the second swimwear brand of the Rosset Group, the first Lycra producer of South America, Agua Doce creates high quality products that will surely last a long time, as it is costantly searching for new solutions in order to make the most comfortable and durable swimsuits. Agua Doce has been on the market for more than 10 years and has gained success by taking inspiration from what best characterizes Brazil: sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes and wonderful sea

This Brazilian label has recently shown strong interest in reinterpreting classical elements, creating minimalistic, yet elegant patterns, rich in stripes, tropical flowers and geometrical figures.