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The History of the Bikini

The bikini or two piece was officially invented in 1946 by two Frenchmen, Jacques Heim and Louis Reard, who thought of naming this women’s swimsuit after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Actually drawings of two pieces have been found on some wall paintings which date back to more than 3500 years ago and some bikini-like suits appeared again in the Greco-Roman world, which means that Jacques and Louis simply re-invented the bikini, trying to design the smallest swimsuit “ever”.

Several artworks depicting women in bikini, including Venus, the renowned Roman goddess, date back to the Diocletian period and can be found in Sicily and Pompei (Italy).… [READ MORE]

Rygy Swimwear

With its unique blend of elegance, sophistication, beauty, alluring colours, precious details and fine embroideries, Rygy Swimwear has been able to differentiate itself from any other beachwear brand, creating fashionable and trendy swimsuits rich in handmade embellishments and decorations.

During its 28 years of experience, Rygy has always made use of the best fabrics, giving every woman the pleasure of wearing something luxurious, glamorous, comfortable and made with high quality materials.

This Brazilian brand has been founded in Rio de Janeiro, where people love the beach and everything related to it, including, obviously, beachwear.

In fact, Rygy has always taken inspiration from its native country and the [READ MORE]

Parah Swimwear

Gallarate is a beautiful town in the Province of Varese, Northern Italy where, in 1950, Edda Paracchini and Giovanni Piazzalunga started their fantastic adventure, opening a small lingerie workshop which offered never-seen-before underwear and corsetry lines.

After a few years, Edda and Giovanni decided to expand their production, starting to design and manufacture their first swimsuits: they collaborated with the best Italian designers, creating original collections with the name “Parah Beachwear”, featuring differentiated cups and bottoms, in order to meet every woman’s needs.

Since the 1970′s, this outstanding Italian brand has proposed many revolutionary pieces that have transformed the swimsuit from a simple “product” into pure art and fashion.


Vitamin A – Swimwear

It was 10 years ago when designer Amahlia Stevens decided to launch her own swimwear line, making the best out of her studies, experience and roots.

This innovative creator, in fact, grew up in California, where people take the sea very seriously.

And it is thanks to this sunny country and its hot people that Amahlia started to draw her first swimsuit collection, featuring very simple colours but an extremely modern cut that has been named the “Californian Cut”, being absolutely new and unique. This particular style is a mix between the extra small Brazilian bikini and the more traditional American cut.

The most surprising fact about this brand… [READ MORE]

Lua Morena

Lua Morena is a prestigious and elegant Brazilian brand, that has focused its attention on classy women who seek quality and beauty.
Being a label with over 20 years experience, Lua Morena is able to satisfy women’s needs by producing both bikinis and one pieces made with very delicate fabrics and enriched with fine details that are sure to make you the envy of every woman at the beach.

However, this Brazilian brand does not simply design swimwear, but loves to be up-to-date on the latest technologies. That’s why its designers spend a lot of time discovering new materials that can reflect the luxury of their creations.

Agua Bendita

Agua Bendita is a trendy and fresh brand founded in 2003 by two Colombian designers, Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, who wanted to set their products apart from any other swimwear manufacturer, making originality their strong point.

Even though being original in a world that is constantly discovering new things is not easy at all, Agua Bendita seems to have found the perfect formula to be unique and successful.
But what is this formula and how did Catalina and Mariana elaborate it?
The interesting mix of past and future, tradition and modernity, handmade and technology is the basis of the whole Agua Bendita production process.

In the end,… [READ MORE]