Sunbathe Safely and Enjoy the Benefits of Sun Exposure

Sun is just one of the many gifts we should thank Mother Nature for. It brightens our days and brings us countless benefits in terms of physical and mental wellness, yet we should not forget that too much of anything can be harmful, Sun included.

When you buy anti-age creams what is the factor that all brands care to remark in their ads? Hydration. And can you guess what are the main causes of dehydration?

Sun exposure, dampness (which causes our bodies to sweat and lose water) and wrong diet.

But let’s proceed in order. Nobody will deny that Sun has a strong and hard impact on our skin, darkening it and drying the water molecules that make it look healthy, shiny and “full”. Just try and take a balloon. Fill it with water and you will see that it gets larger and larger and that its surface is perfectly smooth.

Now, pierce it with a needle and you will see that as the water goes out, the balloon becomes smaller and that many wrinkles appear on the surface. That is exactly what happens to your skin when you spend hours in direct sunlight.

However, Sun is also known to have extremely positive effects on our mood and, last but not least, it contributes to strengthening our bones as it increases the production of Vitamin D, which is reportedly known to reduce the likelihood of tumor development by 20-30%.

It is incredible, is it not, that something as bright and beautiful as the sun can either cause or prevent something as bad as a tumor.

It all depends on how we related ourselves with it.

All dermatologists suggest that exposure in direct sunlight should be avoided especially during the hottest hours of the day, between 12.00 and 15.00 and that sunscreen should be put on at least 20 minutes before going to the beach or to the swimming pool so that the skin will be fully protected by the time you get to destination.

Being fashionable and trendy while still being protected from harmful sun rays is possible. A big hat, for example, will add a precious and luxurious touch to your summer look. Opt for light colors as they are known to repel sun rays, unlike dark colors, and match your fancy hat with some nice accessories.

And, when your friends make fun of you just because you wear a sunscreen and care for your health, explain to them that tumors and photoaging are only two of the negative effects that may derive from excessive and unprotected sun exposure and that in a few years, when your skin will look smooth and healthy while theirs will be wrinkled and dotted with dark spots, they will envy you.

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