Summer Make-up Tips

Summer is just around the corner and both women and men and rushing off to the nearest gym to get fit and get rid of those unappealing rolls so they can show off their silhouette at the beach.

Unlike men, who can put on a pair of trousers and a t-shirt and be ready to go out, ladies reserve the right to dedicate up to several hours to making themselves beautiful, whether they are natural beauties or not. The preparation process consists of three basic stages: outfit selection, make up application and hair straightening or curling.

All women want to appear absolutely flawless, and to do so, we must admit that foundation and concealer are a godsend, especially to the many ladies who are not blessed with a perfect skin.

Here comes the problem: how do we conceal our imperfections before going to the beach? Everybody keeps telling us that we don’t need make-up in summer, as we are going to the beach to get tanned and that a natural fresh look is preferable, especially when it is very hot outside.

Well, it is obvious that they do not understand why women need to use cosmetics.

However, here are a few useful tips for you to look great, yet natural, even when you go to the beach.

First of all, you should moisturize your skin with a good hydrating cream.

If you want to conceal every single spot on your face, you can do that, but remember that when you apply your chosen waterproof foundation, your face won’t get tanned like the rest of your body, so get yourself a sunscreen with the highest SPF and apply it all over your body, without forgetting your back, feet, hands, shoulders and décolleté.

Also, make sure you wear a light-coloured bikini, preferably white, beige or pink, as light colours have been proved to repel sun rays.

Buy waterproof make-up and do not settle for cheap products, or you might get out of the water and scare all the other bathers away.

Here are the products I recommend you use before hitting the beach or the swimming pool:

  • Clinique Almost Makeup, a waterproof and sweat proof concealer that will stay on all day. It comes in four shades.
  • Era Face Spray On Foundation by Classified Cosmetics, an excellent waterproof foundation that won’t feel sticky once applied.
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara, a waterproof mascara that will thicken your lashes and stay on all day.
  • Benefit She Laq: the best waterproof eye shadow you’ll find out there.

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