Fashion Trends for the Summer of 2011

We hope you are ready for THIS summer because fashion designers are already working on their summer collections for 2011.

So, according to the rumours, there are many changes on the horizon.

In the first place, while in 2010 a pale skin was trendy, probably because of the great success that the TV-series Twilight Saga has had among both teenagers and adults, we had better rushed off to the nearest beauty salon as John Galliano and his colleagues want us to be tanned, very tanned, for the upcoming summer.

Swimsuits will feature bold colours and irregular patterns, with oriental motifs and deep colours such as purple, burgundy, Venetian red, and the warmest shades of yellow, green and blue.

Visionary fashion designer Naory takes inspiration from all things exotic and Aboriginal traditions to deliver a collection that features extremely colourful swimsuits. Women may choose from a wide range of push-ups, Brazilian cut bottoms, high cut bottoms, shorts and triangles, as well as kaftans and other accessories.

It goes without saying that if you manage to find the latest trends and get a beautiful golden tan in time, be it by using tons of lotions, sun beds or sunbathing for hours, you had better get yourself the right accessories to go with your swimsuit.

Provided that bold and deep colours will be trendy THIS summer, you might want to choose some golden accessories that enhance both your bronzed skin and swimsuit. Go for big golden chains, rings, earrings and bracelets and you will surely be the envy of the whole beach.

However, we can’t talk about sun beds and tans without pointing out a few rules.
As you know, UV rays can be either UVA or UVB. UVA rays are those that get through clothing and windows and maximize the damaging effects of UVB rays which not only cause ugly dark spots on our skin, but also cancer and other skin-related problems.

Therefore, it is crucial that you should use a powerful sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sunbathing, so that your skin will have totally absorbed the cream by the time you start catching a tan.

Also, avoid staying in direct sunlight from 11.30 am to 3.00 pm and don’t violate these sacrosanct rules, only because fashion designers say that you have to show off a fabulous bronzed body.

Besides, a deep tan can be achieved by other means, such as self tanning creams and an aw
ful lot of carrot and melon juice.

Do not forget to wear a big hat when you go to the beach, not only because it protects you against UVA rays but it will also be a great accessory THIS summer, a real must-have.

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