Speedo is widely appreciated brand which was founded by Alexander MacRae in 1914 under the name “Fortitude”.

In the late 1920’s, MacRae designed an innovative swimsuit which was meant to literally hug a person’s body, allowing them to be dynamic and active without ever having to make “adjustments”. Moreover, it was soon found that MacRae’s creation allowed people to swim faster, which is why his staff came up with a new brand name that would reflect the exceptional qualities of the company’s products: Speedo®.

Atheletes started using Speedo’s swimsuits in the early 1930’s. However, back then swimmers were not allowed to show too much skin, which led to complaints as soon as Claire Dennis, an Australian swimmer, took part in the Los Angeles Olympic Games wearing a Speedo’s one-piece.

In 1932, a team composed of Australian male swimmers took part in the Berlin games all wearing Speedo shorts. This time nobody complained; on the contrary, people started appreciating the style and design of MacRae’s products.

The company is also part of our history, as during World War II it nearly stopped manufacturing swimsuits so that it could focus on supplying the armed force with sophisticated equipment.

After the war, the global demand for swimsuits started to increase, which encouraged the company to open a new factory where it could start manufacturing swimsuits again.

During the 1940’s, an increasing number of professional athletes started wearing Speedo’s comfortable swimsuits, which contributed to enhancing the company’s global reputation and credibility.

In the 1950’s, Speedo merged with Speedo Knitting Mills and became a publicly listed company and decided to sponsor the Australian team at the Melbourne Olympic Games. As a result of its growing popularity, Speedo’s management decided to expand abroad, establishing its first European subsidiary in London, United Kingdom, with distribution licences in South Africa and Japan.

In the 1960’s the company’s exports to the United States increased significantly, where its nylon and elastane swimsuits became widely appreciated as well.

Speedo’s target audience consists of dynamic women, men and children who value comfort and quality. Although Speedo is mainly known in Australia where the company was first established, it has recently started selling its products online, in order to reach a wider audience.

The company is now diversifying its product portfolio, manufacturing eco-friendly footwear made from recyclable materials and featuring funky details and launching new lines periodically.

Last but not least, in 2011 Speedo collaborated with Aquabumps, a successful business founded by Eugene Tan, a popular photographer/surfer.

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