Sofia by ViX

In spite of ViX Swimwear great success, Paula Hermanny’s ambition has never stopped growing.

This fantastic designer has always tried to expand her brand’s limits in order to conquer the international beachwear market.

The result is the birth of three lines, all promoted by Paula: ViX Swimwear, Hermanny by ViX and Sofia by ViX. Each of these “branches” aims at meeting specific needs, such as comfort, femininity, sensuality, coverage, originality, affordability, durability and so on.

Since childhood, Paula Hermanny has always admired business women and holiday-makers, imagining how they would look in her swimsuits.

This talented chief designer really has eye for true beauty, and we can see that from every collection she presents.

The Sofia by ViX line presents the same characteristics that have made ViX Swimwear loved by women from all over the world, but also differs from it, being specifically targeted to young women and girls, who want to look stunning while having fun under the sun.

This playful and fresh line has been growing steadily successful, thanks to the high attention paid to what young women need and want. Sofia by ViX features ludic and original prints, including polka dots, stripes and flowers, along with bright colours, such as lilac, fuchsia, mint green, yellow and blue.

You may match one of these beautiful bikinis and one pieces with a great variety of accessories, such as hats, necklaces and bracelets and, of course, your favourite pair of sunglasses!

Compared to ViX Swimwear, the Sofia line is sure to be more colourful and girly, often featuring eccentric skirted bottoms, patchwork tops and so on.

Furthermore, the Sofia by ViX collections are made with high quality fabrics, so that your swimsuit will last long time, and, in spite of all that, they are sold at affordable prices.

Shown in the picture above, a beautiful reversible bikini, featuring a colourful sliding triangle top that can be adjusted thanks to the ties at neck and back, enriched with metallic rings.

Also the solid fuchsia double tie bottom presents two metallic rings. This fresh and playful swimsuit is fully lined, which means that it will not go transparent when wet, making you feel safe and comfortable all the time.

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