Sicily (Italy)

Sicily is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and includes the Aeolian Archipelago, the Egadi and Pelagie islands of Pantelleria and Ustica.

Sicily is located in the north at the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is separated from the Italian mainland by the Strait of Messina which overlooks the Ionian Sea and is separated from Africa by the Strait of Sicily. The regional capital is Palermo.

With an impressive history, Sicily was in the eighteenth century, part of the “Grand Tour”. It was a journey that took young European aristocrats throughout Europe as part of their training. Today Sicily offers visitors wonderful trips to Etna Park, Madonie Nebrodi and Parco Fluviale dell’Alcantara.

The Sicilian land is remarkably fertile and kissed by the sun all year round. This is why its AOC wines are known all over the world, as well its famous “street food” , which you may try while wandering around the Palermo’s stalls, located at some of the most important markets in town, such as Vucciria, il Capo, Ballarò and Borgo Vecchio.

But Sicily has much more to offer for holiday makers. First off, its spectacular sapphire-like sea and endless sandy beaches dotted with cliffs which are also beautiful to the Italians so they fly to Sicily from all over the peninsula just to admire such natural wonders. The most popular attractions are the beach of Mondello and its sporting events, the Playa the beach of Catania, a source of inspiration for writers, the coast of San Leone and Fontane Bianche in Syracuse.
Then there is Taormina, a breathtaking town whose stores, events, landscapes and top-class restaurants attract hundreds of celebrities every year. Being a very ancient island with a glorious past, Sicily has many protected areas, such as the active volcanoes which contribute to make the land fertile, and where tourists can hike and enjoy the view of the sea and the Stromboli volcano after sunset.

Don’t forget the phenomenon that has been catching the interest of many tourists over the last few decades. We are talking about the Mafia, a crime syndicate typical of Sicily, which has millions of fans all over the world.

This phenomenon is probably generated by the “The Godfather Trilogy”, starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. This has already led to at least three generations to fall in love with the Mafia, admire their – ethical code of ethics to find out what it feels like to be a Corleone.

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