Nobody would have ever imagined that a simple Australian bikini manufacturer could become one of the most appreciated swimwear labels in the world.
This is the story of Seafolly, a brand which was established in 1975 and that has worked hard to enter the international fashion market. In fact, we now can find its bikinis in the best European and American boutiques, which show proudly the latest collections by Seafolly.
The designers who work at Seafolly, don’t simply follow the global trends, but use their creative talent to launch new designs and suits, never missing the main point of every collection: fun.
Swimsuits are, in fact, designed for those women who are willing to have fun under the sun, on the beach or poolside, who want to show off an incredible tan and look gorgeous with their sunglasses on.
Every piece is created in order to enhance the female body and its curves, starting from the belted bottoms, to the wide triangle tops which provide extra support and a pleasant feeling of comfort.
Seafolly aims at taking care of every detail, and that’s why it doesn’t only dresses you with bikinis, but also chooses the best accessories for you.

It produces, in fact, accessories collections which are as beautiful and playful as the swimsuits they are matched to.
By using a self-critic philosophy, the staff members and the designers at Seafolly have developed the ability of creating the same pieces that they would like to see on the beach. And, so doing, they have become, along with their families, friends and relatives, the first Seafolly’s fans and customers.
From the multicolour striped bikinis, to the floral printed ones, this brand always presents suits that we have never seen before. It never reinterprets the past collections, but constantly improves its designs, with the only aim of making women fall in love with the upcoming collection.

You may notice that every piece has a kind of “mark”, that many have named the “Seafolly mark”, which consists of those unique details that are impossible to find elsewhere: metallic rings applied to a simple black triangle, some decoration made out of fabric, to enhance the décolleté, or some ribbons that fall from the bottom sides, to give the bikini a playful touch.

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