Run Anna Lynn Run!

There are so many things wrong with this picture, I don’t even know where to begin. Don’t get me wrong, Anna Lynne McCord has a kicking body.

We all know that. But this picture was taken at just the right moment, so it makes it look as if she could have been a stunt double in Forest Gump.

This picture would have been slightly bearable if she didn’t have that cell phone in her hand. Was she running from a pack of tech nerds who wanted to steal her phone for spare parts? Screaming fans? Those cannibals from Pirates of the Caribbean? I’m not quite sure what she was running from.

Maybe she wasn’t running from anything at all. Perhaps she was just sprinting for the sake of it? Who knows. Celebrities are weird. I mean, they do the strangest things. Sometimes I feel as if celebrities are a different species all together. Anyway, at least Anna Lynne looks great in this picture.

I mean, that’s what our society is all about right? Looking good, and being skinny? Now, if Anna Lynne runs any faster I’m afraid that her top might very well just fly off of her chest.

But hey, you know, some female celebrities do that just so that they can gain media attention. Some female celebrities also release sex tapes to score brownie points with the media as well.

Revealing one’s self in public seems to be a recent craze that people just can’t get enough of. How many pathetic tapes are we going to freak out over before we get bored and say ‘Next!’? I mean come on now.

This is what I meant when I said that celebrities seem to be a different species. They do things that normal people would never dream of doing. When I want attention, I do not go out in public and flash everyone around me.

Sure, that’d get me attention, but the wrong kind of attention. But anyway, I’m rambling again. I think that we should get to talking about the banging bikini that Anna Lynne is wearing. Black definitely suits her. The suit covers her quite nicely, so there is no chance for a wardrobe malfunction here. Because she’s wearing black, her blonde hair really stands out, and so do the natural pigments in her skin, giving her a healthy, golden like glow.

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