Roxy Swimwear

Founded in 1990, Roxy is one of those companies that offer a wide range of products, including footwear, clothing and accessories. It has become popular as a sportswear supplier and, as such, it places great importance on both quality and comfort, which are essential when swimming, surfing, climbing and exercising.

Roxy’s swimwear collections are no exception, as they all consist of comfortable swimsuits priced between $25.00 and $100.00. Even though Roxy’s products are targeted at athletic consumers, you don’t have to be a particularly dynamic person to purchase a Roxy swimsuit. So the company has recently started designing more feminine products, featuring delicate floral patterns and less serious designs, so that fashionistas could also wear Roxy swimsuits.

The picture below portrays a stunning one-piece which is part of Roxy’s high summer collection. This sophisticated swimsuit can be easily worn to the beach as well as at an elegant pool-side event, by simply adding a few sparkly accessories. The lower part of the swimsuit hugs the hips and the waist, while the upper part emphasizes both the cleavage and shoulders.This one-piece is particularly recommended for those women who have a flat stomach, as it features a daring neckline, and is not too busty.

The picture below, on the other hand, shows a different kind of swimwear that Roxy has been promoting for years. It is a trendy, casual bikini consisting of a comfortable top and an equally comfortable bottom.

With its thick straps and soft padding, the triangle top is sure to provide the coverage and support you need, especially when swimming, playing volleyball or jogging on the beach. The black bottom features extra large side bands. Besides being fresh, joyful and cute, this bikini is extremely flexible and resistant, which means that you won’t have to worry about anything whilst having fun on the beach.

Even though Roxy has recently started designing more elegant swimsuits, the company’s main target audience has always been sport loving young women, whom it has always supported. That is why Roxy offers more than just swimsuits: accessories, comfortable flip flops, surfboards, snowboards and even perfumes.

If you are looking for something girly and more exotic, you will find that Roxy’s designers are incredibly good at combining the latest Californian trends with more tropical patterns and vibrant colours.

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