RiodeSol® Nice Fashion Show

It is summer and world-renowned Brazilian brand RiodeSol® seizes the opportunity to share its amazingly coloured bikinis with all of you by holding exclusive events dedicated to fun and luxury. To do so, RiodeSol® opted for the most suitable location: La Perle, a trendy and hi-end bar-restaurant situated in the breathtaking port area of Nice. On the 26th of July, La Perle witnessed the blending of fashion and car industries by hosting a unique event promoted by RiodeSol® and BMW.

On that never ending night, the Brazilian company organised a great fashion show to showcase its sexy bikinis and monokinis, all made in Rio de Janeiro.

A number of beautiful models walked around the club wearing        nothing but originally patterned swimsuits and presenting one of the    best selling cars of the year: the flaming red mini cooper.

Women and cars, what more could one ask for?

In fact, the night was totally fun, with lots of people attending the event and sipping all kinds of cocktails. After all, the whole French Riviera is known for its expensive boutiques, sandy beaches, turquoise sea and big yachts moored all along the coastline. Returning to La Perle, the big event started at 20.00, when all the guests reached the club and enjoyed the sight of some of the best selling bikinis by RiodeSol®, including Porto Fino, a zebra patterned adjustable bikinis, Buzios, a multicolour two pieces featuring stylish athermic metallic rings and India, a beautifully decorated Indian style bikini featuring oriental motifs and warm colours.

But that’s not all. Among the showcased pieces, there were also two elegant monokinis and one of the latest models launched by RiodeSol®: an innovative two pieces that has been specifically designed to enable its wearer to use it in many different styles! The Brazilian brand which has already conquered the South American and European markets is now looking eastwards, aiming to “Brasilianise” the entire world. To do so, the company has built a number of e-commerce websites so that its fabulous bikinis could be easily accessed by all women. For now, though, RiodeSol®’s creations can be found in Rio de Janeiro, where all of its bikinis are carefully designed and manufactured and in Nice, where it has recently opened up its exclusive boutique. And if you missed the big party at La Perle, do not despair. will come back soon with a new jet-set event to promote its exotic swimsuits and let you enjoy pure luxury and Brazilian joyful life style.

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