Rio de Sol Fashion Tour Saint Tropez @ Pampelonne Beach

On August 15th, 2011, the Rio de Sol Fashion Tour Saint Tropez was held somewhere really special: at the world-renowned Pampelonne Beach! This event is known for its lavish appeal and great product lines. There is nothing like enjoying a good fashion show on the shore of a beach.`

The Pampelonne Beaches are known for their beautiful scenery. All the pictures for this event have the back drop of palm tress, sandy beaches and the waves of the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.

The Models
What better way to get a good start in a modeling career than a fashion show? This tour uses both male and female models. These beautiful models only accent the product line of the company. The benefit for the models is the fact that you never know who may be watching. The Often times modeling agents come out to these type of events looking to recruit good talent.

What’s the Fashion?
RiodeSol is a Brazilian company that manufactures all kinds of beach wear and accessories for men and women. Each summer they tour different beaches showing off their designs. The options are endless and attract customers because of their bright and vibrant colours. This company has great taste in its choice of designs. These pieces are brought to life with a wide range of prints and patterns. Some collections combine the two to give some pieces a unique look.

Champagne is served to the models and guests of the event. Rio de Sol wants nothing but the best for their customers so they pull out all the stops to make sure you have a red carpet experience. As if the scenery and relaxation of the beach is not enough, the company goes the extra mile to show extraordinary hospitality. Anyone can make swim wear and anyone can create a company to sell it, but the way a company stays connected to its customers determines how well they do. That is why this tour is so well known and the company’s product line is accelerating.

Those who attended this event give it nothing but the best reviews. Haven’t had chance to attend a tour or looking forward to a chance to attend another one? Now is your chance to enjoy good fashion, pretty models and sandy beaches. While you are there, what better time is there to pick out swimwear for your visit on the beach?


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