Richard Gere: Celebrity Hobo

With the ratty old shirt, the watch, the girly bracelet, and the old tennis shoes in hand, Gere looks like a hobo. Plain and simple. He just looks all kinds of messed up in this picture. Why don’t we just start with the shirt? What I want to know is why only the bottom half is wet, while the rest of him is completely dry.

Did he have an accident and wet himself? Maybe it’s time he should start wearing Depends. If he’s having trouble controlling his bladder, then he might very well have to. Gere really does look like a hobo doesn’t he?

He has the white hair, the ragged clothes, and those shoes! I think that they were once white, but they have so many dirt particles etched into its sides that the poor things are now permanently stained brown.

I just do not understand why someone would go out in public looking like this, especially someone who just so happens to be a celebrity as well.

He should know by now that there is always the chance that he might get his picture taken. Do I need to stress my point any further? Maybe if he would take off the ugly shirt, this picture would look ten times better.

Ok, maybe only slightly better, but it would still be a step up from this current image. I always shake my head and giggle to myself whenever I see some dude walking on the beach trying to act all macho, and yet refusing to take their shirt off.

If you are so tough, why are you afraid to take your shirt off in public? You’re practically screaming “I’m insecure!” to the entire beach, heck, to the entire world even.

Although I do agree with some men in their decision to leave their shirt on, such as the ones who happen to be slightly chubby around the middle, or are just flabby in general. You can call me superficial all you want, and spew all of that nonsense about inner beauty being more important than outer beauty, but you want to know what I have to say to that? I say that you are all blind.

We live in a world where outer beauty is the most important thing to possess in society. People like to think that inner beauty is valued more, but in reality, it isn’t.
No one cares if you’re nice if you’re ugly. Likewise, if you’re a complete ass but look like a supermodel, people will flock around you.

Therefore, Gere needs to take a page out of someone’s book, and clean up his appearance. And while you’re at it Gere, get some swim trunks that are a little more age appropriate. Those trunks look as if they belong on a nine year old boy. I think it’s time for you to update them.

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