Recco New Beach

Recco New beach is a swimwear brand which was established  more than twentyfive years  ago  in Brazil and has become popular for its innovative approach to fashion design and creative ideas.

Until the late 1990’s, Recco’s creations could only be found in Brazil, a country where people spend a lot of time at the beach and are therefore  always looking for new and comfortable swimsuits. After many years of hard work, Recco’s collections started being distributed to other countries. Today they can be found in boutiques all over the world.

Brazilian women and landscapes certainly play a very important role in inspiring Recco’s fashion designers, who love combining many different colours while paying attention to the tiniest details. If we had to describe Recco’s creations, “original”, “funky” and “different” are the main adjectives that we would use. With regards to materials, Recco’s fashion designers always use flexible fabrics which hug the body, enhancing its natural curves.

Therefore, if you are looking for a swimsuit that has the power of making you feel confident about yourself. Sexy and irresistible, Recco New Beach should be your first choice.

A word of advice.  As colourful, bright and creative as Recco’s swimsuits may be, most of them tend to be tiny, so unless you are really looking to show off your “assets”, you may want order a larger size.

Recco also offers a wide range of cover-up dresses, long dresses, mini dresses, sandals and sarongs, most of which feature colourful floral patterns and other “flashy” designs, which means that you won’t need to wear any particular accessories if you want to stand out from the crowd.

The image below shows a beautiful bikini by Recco New Beach.

This bikini consists of a  bandeau top with adjustable, removable orange straps and a low waist bottom. Both pieces are embellished with pale orange, blue, fuchsia, peach and white geometric patterns.  The padded bandeau top features a metallic ring which emphasizes the cleavage, while the bottom has a thick elastic band which makes it very comfortable. Needless to say, bikinis like this are ideal for fit, tanned women who have nothing to hide, unless you decide to match it with a solid coloured sarong.

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