Rachel Bilson: Beach Goer, Or Rodeo Clown?

When the day is hot and sunny, of course it is important for you to wear sunscreen to protect your skin form those harsh ultraviolet lights emanating from the sun. But I think in this case, Rachel takes things a bit too far.

I mean come on Rachel. What in the world is up with that cowboy hat? You’re on a beach, not participating in a rodeo. However, I have to admit that Rachel really looks great in this neon pink bathing suit consisting of a bandeau top and a low rise bottom.

This kind of bikini really flatters her fit body, even though she should start wearing colours that enhance her warm skin tone, instead of killing it. Besides, that bright pink swimsuit looks like a Vegas sign and Rachel doesn’t really need to wear anything that flashy to stand out from the crowd.

In fact, the actress’ beauty has impressed millions of people when she made her first appearance in the FOX series ‘The O.C.’, starring Summer Roberts, with whom Seth Cohen fell in love straight away…and we can not really blame him!

We all know that the O.C. ratings dropped after the first season but don’t worry Rachel, we know it wasn’t your fault as you were one of the coolest characters in the series.

Returning to our beloved swimwear and “constructive” criticism, the neon swimsuit/rodeo hat combination is so ugly it doesn’t even deserve our comments.

But the main problem is, not only is the swimsuit neon coloured, but the top looks like it should belong on a Barbie doll, that’s how small it is. Really, if she decided to run, or do jumping jacks, her rack would bounce right out of there! That would create quite a scene with the paparazzi. I would much have preferred to see her in something less loud, and more secure. For example, I think a simple plain white halter top bikini would have looked amazing on her.

She has nice dark skin, which would stand out against the white of the bikini. That, and the halter top would ensure that her Mini Me’s wouldn’t be able to go out on the town. The hat and neon sign aside, Bilson has a banging beach body. You can tell that she works out because her stomach is nice and flat, and it doesn’t look as if she has an ounce of fat on her thighs. She must have the same trainer that Kim Kardashian does.

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