R Sobral

To fully understand the essence of R Sobral jewelry, we should first recall the culture which has had the most influence on its founder.
In the 1960′s, Carlos Alberto Rezende Sobral found himself completely immersed in the hippie culture and fashion, featuring bright and beautiful colours that really communicated a feeling of happiness and joy.
What Carlos wanted to do was express the same positive sensations through an outstanding production of jewelry.

He started to sell his handmade jewels and accessories at restaurants doors and fairs, but he really didn’t have much success.
And, in 1976, came the day when he discovered a new material that would change his art and profession for good: the polyester resin.

Two years later, he finally learnt how to handle and work with it and established a jewelry production company called Genesis and a small factory in Nova Iguaçu.
Everybody loved Sobral’s creations, colours, shapes and the ability of its founder to reinvent his company.
In fact, as the hippie movement was over, fashion changed, becoming more elegant and sophisticated.
At that point, Sobral could either keep creating jewels in the hippie style or follow the great revolution that was born in Europe. He went for the second option and left for Paris where, after a few attempts, he set a fantastic sales record, gaining 1 million dollars in one year.

In 1991 Carlos opened a store in Ipanema, called Rita Sobral (that later became R Sobral), in honour of his ex-wife who had been by his side from the beginning of this adventure.
In 1993, Sobral faced several difficulties due to the so-called “Chinese invasion“: China started to manufacture low cost products, including clothes and jewelry. Fortunately, everyone soon recognized that R Sobral quality was absolutely superior and the brand finally found many investors who believed in its creator’s skills.

Today, several high fashion designers use R Sobral accessories to enrich their outfits, as well as some of the best beachwear brands on the market, such as Talinda & RiodeSol , which has chosen R Sobral jewels to enhance its swimsuits in the catalogues of the past 3 years.
Furthermore, women from all over the world have discovered the beauty of Sobral creations and, today, they love to enlighten their dresses and swimsuits with its fantastic accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, purses and many other fabulous creations, featuring breathtaking patterns and colours.

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