Princesse tam.tam

Princesse tam.tam stands out from any other brand, since its lingerie, homewear and swimwear collections are sold in the best boutiques all over the world, at affordable prices.

This brand was founded in 1985 by the Hiridjee sisters, who had a clear vision of what they would achieve since they first started to design lingerie. Actually, they were working at their gift shop, when they noticed that the colourful boxer shorts meant for men, were being bought by several women.
At that time, the new generation wanted to change and the two sisters decided to give them exactly what they were looking for: innovation.

They started to design a whole new line of lingerie, featuring differently coloured pieces, such as blue pants and white bras, that could be mixed and matched to one’s taste.
In spite of all that, they still needed a brandname.
Both of the Hiridjee sisters loved a film that was released in the early 1930′, where an outstanding and beautiful actress named Josephine Baker made all France fall in love with her. What was the film? Princesse Tam Tam.

The reason why the Hiridjee sisters decided to name their brand “Princesse Tam-Tam”, lies in the mission they want to accomplish: designing and creating luxurious swimsuits, made with soft and silky fabrics, that will make you feel like “extravagant princesses”.
This brand comes all the way from France in order to offer every woman the chance to discover the renowned French sensuality…

Princesse Tam.Tam is mainly known for its designs, inspired by old fashion, and bold colours and is probably one of the sexiest and most playful French swimwear designers.
Its products are aimed at pleasing even the most demanding fashionistas, as it creates every kind of swimsuit and lingerie, including triangle bikinis, micro bikinis, provocative thongs, underwired bras, half cup bras, padded tops and many others.

Colours, patterns and fabrics are specifically chosen to make you feel comfortable, young, beautiful and chic. Most of Princesse Tam.Tam designers are, in fact, women, which means that not only this brand creates swimwear for women, but also understands their particular needs.
This brand keeps fascinating us with its charming swimwear collections, giving its fans and clients something new every year.

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