Poko Pano

Poko Pano is a Brazilian beachwear label founded in 1988 by Paola Robba, a fashion designer who created her first pieces and decided, then, to assemble all of them under one only brand.

It paved its way to become an international brand until, in 1994, Paola Robba arrived in Portugal, making the label so popular that, a few years later, she got the chance to show the world her wonderful swimsuits in occasion of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

In anticipation of her future success, Paola Robba made some clever “compromises”, in order to sell her products all over the world.

Poko Pano started, in fact, to produce bikinis in several sizes and, most important, in various cutouts, including the European and the American ones.

Successively, many European companies got interested in the rising beachwear brand and decided to agree some conditions in order to sell these incredible pieces in their own countries.

We never know what to expect from this brand, since it continuously presents new solutions, as we can see in the Japanese-style checkered anime bikinis, or in the polka dotted tops matched with floral bottoms.

In fact, Paola Robba is very likely to create different patterned pieces and, then, match them together in an original way. It may not be what we are used to see, but the result is certainly ludic and stylish.

Being Poko Pano a Brazilian brand, it obviously considers the use of colour a very important aspect to give a particular mark to its products.

Most of the swimsuits designed by Paola Robba are presented in fresh colours and mixed patterns, both regular and irregular.

Even taking a close look to those bikinis which actually look pretty classical and retro, we may find, most of the time, an original touch, such as a pink and white striped design or a daisy print.


White and variously shaded pink striped bikini


Elegant and stylish black one piece


Original and ludic black and white bikini with a touch of pink


Playful daisy printed bikini and matching top


Ludicly coloured one piece


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