With its sparkling beachwear collections, Pitanga makes women look gorgeous. The colour selection made by its designers is inspired by nature and emphasized by beautiful and original prints.

Brown and gold are the center of the new Pitanga collection, along with the traditional brazilian pastel colours that encounter neutral background colours, so that, by the sight of these matches, they look sober and luminous at the same time.
Swimsuits are made with high quality lycra and last but not least, keeps fabric from going transparent when wet.
After 12 years since its launch, Pitanga has created several collections: from the 70′s style bikinis, to the extra low rise bottoms, from the accessorized one-piece suits to the striped ones and all of them breathe style and beauty.By making these exceptional and sexy swimsuits, Pitanga wants you to show off your shape while having fun in the sun.


Beautiful floral patterned bikini.


Multicoloured bikini with matching accessories.


Black and white striped bikini with various motifs.


Brown and white striped bikini with ring details.


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