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Gallarate is a beautiful town in the Province of Varese, Northern Italy where, in 1950, Edda Paracchini and Giovanni Piazzalunga started their fantastic adventure, opening a small lingerie workshop which offered never-seen-before underwear and corsetry lines.

After a few years, Edda and Giovanni decided to expand their production, starting to design and manufacture their first swimsuits: they collaborated with the best Italian designers, creating original collections with the name “Parah Beachwear”, featuring differentiated cups and bottoms, in order to meet every woman’s needs.

Since the 1970′s, this outstanding Italian brand has proposed many revolutionary pieces that have transformed the swimsuit from a simple “product” into pure art and fashion.

At Parah, colours, prints, patterns and shapes are designed to make you look fabulous, regardless of your size, thanks to the belted bottoms and to the padded cups, which are specifically studied to enhance your body and hide the most common “critical points”.

The main particularity of this brand is that it does not simply offer swimwear and lingerie, but aims to dress you from head to toe, designing bags, pareos, kaftans, pants, comfortable trousers, jewelry and even sandals.

The reason why Parah S.p.a. offers such a wide range of products is its creators’ renowned style consciousness that they have always wanted to share with their clients, helping them look sexy, stylish and trendy, wearing 100% made in Italy swimsuits, dresses and accessories.

Every line features unique and interchangeable swimsuits, in order to give you the possibility to make your own personal style decisions, choosing among beautiful pieces that have been designed to be mixed and matched, in order to create an amazing effect, whatever the swimsuit of your choice.

Great attention to details and high quality are the main features that have led Parah to success, considering that, today, the Italian label counts around 3000 stores all around the world and produces more than 1 million pieces every year.

And don’t forget that every collection by Parah is absolutely unique and innovative, just like Parah Impronte 2010, featuring sexy animal prints and bright colours inspired by African culture and landscapes.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi guys, I’m missing another well known Italian Brand on you site! Why not writing a post on Great products (mini bikini, lingerie and beachwear) , great service and great prices. Thanks!


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