Paradizia Swimwear

South America is known for its beautiful women, exotic landscapes and sandy beaches and have inspired numerous fashion designers. Paradizia Swimwear is a Colombian brand, founded in 2008, whose goal is to introduce women from all over the world to what South America has to offer. However, unlike the majority of South American beachwear manufacturers, Paradizia’s designers imagine their creations within a dream like atmosphere and translate their visions into beautiful swimsuits.

What makes Paradizia’s swimsuits unmistakable and easily recognizable is their vibrant colours, abstract patterns and unusual lines.

Below is a perfect example of the dream like atmosphere. Judging from the designs that adorn both the top and bottom, one could easily guess that Paradizia’s designers take their inspiration from Salvador Dalì, the world renowned Spanish artist who has confused and enchanted thousands of people with his unique works of art.

The two pieces portay compasses, tigers and flowers placed against an abstract background. The triangle top is embellished with floral ruffles which go all the way down to the bottom, making this bikini look like a monokini. It is fascinating how this swimsuit, in spite of its contrasting colours and apparently random designs, looks extremely graceful and elegant at first glance.

Last but not least, the ruffles decorated with pink, yellow, lilac and orange flowers add volumes to the bust, making it appear wider, which can be useful if you are looking for a swimsuit that will emphasize your cleavage, whilst providing full coverage.

Here is another bikini by Paradizia Swimwear. What makes it unique is the matching sleeveless shawl featuring some very original designs.

Pink is a colour that most women stay away from when shopping for swimsuits, as it is usually associated with young girls and/or girly women. However, this particular bikini can definitely be worn by anyone who has a tonic body, as it features some golden naval designs, such as ropes and rings, which could be brought out by simply wearing a gold bracelet, for example. Moreover, the bottom features two lovely bows on the sides and leaves little to the imagination.

To sum up, if you are looking for a swimsuit that will make you feel like a mermaid swimming in tropical waters, whilst emphasizing your feminine curves, Paradizia Swimwear might have just what you need.

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