Pain de Sucre

Pain de Sucre was established 25 years ago in Marseilles, France.
The two men who have created this brand, Bernard Evans and Christian Keusseyan, were quite familiar with the world of fashion, as they took care of choosing prints, materials and colours. Their work had always been influenced by their passion for everything exotic, as we can see from each Pain de Sucre collection.
What these two designers wanted to communicate through their fantastic collections, is that feeling of freedom that you feel when travelling. Travel is, in fact, the pivotal point of this brand, as both swimsuits and Pain de Sucre stores present contrasting colours aimed at evoking the wild nature in all its forms: desert, forest, sea, animals.
Colours, in fact, symbolize these natural elements, as most of swimsuits are coloured in beige, green, turquoise, blue, purple, red, yellow and so on.

The kind of woman who inspires Bernard and Christian to create their wonderful collections, is feminine and self confident enough to not be scared of showing off her curves, as most of collections present push-ups, bandeau tops, crossover necklines and beautifully cut bottoms, which are sure to enhance your shape.
The wild and sexy vibe that defines Pain de Sucre is reflected throughout its swimwear range. Whether you plan to have fun on the beach or simply relax poolside, make it your mission this summer to experience the latest collection by Pain de Sucre.
Also, this brand has recently launched a new line called Suggest, featuring beautiful lingerie and sexy clothing, which have been specifically designed to adapt to a woman’s body, hiding what is supposed to be hidden and emphasized what is supposed to be shown off.

Pain de Sucre swimwear features fashionable, sexy and fresh swimsuits, in colourful, bright Mediterranean prints and high quality fabrics.
You will be able to express your creativity by matching trousers,kaftans and beautiful accessories, which will certainly enrich your swimsuit.

In the picture above, we find a fine example of Pain de Sucre classy and unique swimwear. This cholcolate coloured one piece features adjustable bandeau, lacing on sides and a sexy bustier effect, which definitely recalls Suggest, the lingerie line presented by Pain de Sucre.

If you are looking for fantastic swimwear, or even ready-to-wear, this brand is sure to be up-to-date, trendy and yet unique, as it does not follow the global trends, but it launches its own.

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