Monoi Oil

Monoi is a word deriving from ancient Tahitian, meaning “scented oil”. The so called Monoi oil is, in fact, a lotion Tahitian women have always used to moisturise their skin and protect their hair, especially under the hot sun which, as you surely know, can cause skin dehydration, as well as wrinkles and split-ends.

Is this the secret of Asian women’s beauty?
Maybe. Obviously, we don’t think that is the main reason of their beauty, but it is sure to be a contributing factor.

However, we would like to share this Tahitian secret with you, so that you may treat yourself to Monoi oils and have gorgeous skin, as well as fluent shiny hair.

Today, there are many women from all over the world who have come to know the benefits of Monoi oil and import this product directly from French Polynesia, just to make sure they get the original Monoi tiare oil and not mere imitations.

In fact, proper Tahitian Monoi oil is prepared by skilled producers who have to follow strict guidelines in order to get a quality product that will really enlighten people’s skin and hair.

How is it done?

Some tiare flower petals (the petals belonging to the Tahitian gardenias) are soaked into coconut oil, which is what gives the product an amazing smell.

Obviously, if you wish to protect your skin, there are many creams, oils and lotions on the market, but be sure only Monoi Oils will penetrate completely into your skin, keeping wrinkles from appearing for longer.
And these are not just empty words for all of these benefits have been scientifically tested.
This Polynesian remedy will really make you look more beautiful and healthier, while protecting your body from the dangerous sun rays.

Furthermore, if you are an avid tanner, you should know that coconut oil also works as “tanning oil”.
That means it will help you catch a darker tan and, as we mentioned before, Monoi oil actually contains a great quantity of coconut oil.

What with that unpleasant greasy effect all types of oils leave on your skin once applied?
You can forget about them, for authentic Monoi oils are immediately absorbed by every skin cell, making your skin softer.

Actually, this is a good piece of information you may use whenever you purchase a bottle of Monoi oil: if your skin looks greasy and can not absorb the product instantly, then be sure that is not the traditional Polynesian Monoi oil.

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