Melissa Shoes

Melissa Shoes is a very innovative Brazilian shoes manufacturer and founder of a whole new fashion philosophy.
This company does not simply care for style and beauty, but also for the world we live in, creating shoes out of recyclable materials, including Melflex, a particular type of plastic that provides extra comfort and durability.
Melissa’s shoes can be either worn at the beach or during any season of the year, just like many celebrities do, including Katy Perry, who loves to use them as everyday footwear to go with her stylish outfits.
Actually, all of Melissa’s shoes are made out of plastic, according to its motto “Plastic Dreams”.

At the beginning, critics and fashion designers were quite sceptical about the use of this material, but Melissa Shoes, led by its creative director Edson Matsuo, chose the most talented designers from all over the world to collaborate with, surprising everybody with its amazing creations.
In 2004, the company worked with the Campana brothers, known for their capacity to melt together simple artisan objects with the latest technology.

In 2005, Edson Matsuo teamed up with Judy Blame, a famous British jewelry designer and fashion designer for Louis Vuitton, who enriched Melissa’s creations with his irreverent punk style.
Other important names who have co-operated with Melissa Shoes include Karim Rashid, an Egyptian designer who aimed to democratize everyday objects, Iranian architect Zaha Hahid, who has taken advantage of her deep knowledge of lines, curves and geometry to launch a revolutionary and innovative line of footwear and, last but not least, Alexandre Herchcovitch, who has designed 18 of Melissa’s bestselling shoes.

But the greatest surprise came when British designer Vivienne Westwood, whose creations appeared several times in Sex and the City, added her artistic touch to Melissa’s production, designing breathtaking shoes, featuring unique details and original shapes. Vivienne’s Englishness has been very appreciated by Melissa’s fans and it seems that she will keep working on many other collections under the name of this outstanding Brazilian brand.

And don’t forget that Melissa’s shoes are not simply designed by famous names, but are also created and developed using the highest standards, since the company has always wanted to do its part for the environment, setting an example for all other designers.
Melissa’s “Plastic Dreams” have captured the special attention of several fashion editors, who have featured the Brazilian brand on the pages of renowned magazines, such as New York Times, Frame, Arc Design, Interni and many others.


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