Melissa Odabash

After having worked various years for other designers, in 1995 Melissa Odabash decided to launch her own collection, expressing her vision of style and fashion. The result was absolutely amazing, as she soon became every celebrity’s favourite fashion designer.

In occasion of an interview, Melissa declared that she was tired of designing banal and tacky swimsuits that no woman would ever wear. She wanted the simplicity and elegance that feature Italian fashion and, as her first collection was ready, she started to take it around every boutique of Milan, promoting her own style.

Afterwards, the renowned zebra-print bikinis drawn by Melissa, became the best-selling products in the Victoria Secret’s catalogue. Once entered the high fashion universe, many other swimsuits became very popular all over the world and got featured on some of the most important style magazines, such as Glamour and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues.

Odabash wants women to look fabulous and feel comfortable at the same time and that is the reason why this talented designer has always carefully chosen the lighter fabrics available on the market: first, instead of creating padded or under-wired tops, she prefers to use fine twisted elastic, along with lingerie materials (as we can see in the picture below), which feels lighter and looks sexier, when worn by a woman.

Thanks to these unique features, several celebrities, including, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Catherine Zeta Jones, Teri Hatcher, Beyonce, Uma Thurman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford and many others wear Odabash creations in occasion of their holidays.

The choice of colours is meant for a sophisticated and classy woman, being all of them very delicate and elegant: white, cream, light green, shiny brown and pink in all their shades are the colours that Melissa prefers, specially when their simplicity is embellished with beautiful metallic details, necklaces, bracelets ribbons and buckles.

In the spring of 2007 Melissa celebrated the opening of her first store in one of LondonÔÇÖs coolest areas: Notting Hill. Melissa herself designed its interior according to her philosophy and view of elegance, in order to create a luxurious environment that made people feel comfortable, by means of the cream carpets and soft sofas.

But in 2010, Odabash really surprised everybody, giving birth to a collection of Italian inspiration, made of bold and bright colours, as well as original textures and patterns.


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