Melanie Brown Shows Off Baby Bump

Have you guys ever heard of Mel B? In the late 90’s she was considered to be one of the greatest pop stars ever in the UK.

She and Victoria Beckham were part of a girl band called the “Spice Girls”   and she was known as Scary Spice, mainly due to her strong personality, crazy hair and Leeds accent.

In 2003, Melanie moved to L.A. with her young daughter and started dating Eddie Murphy (a comic actor), from whom she had a baby, even though it took Eddie some time and a paternity test to recognize Angel and his own daughter.

Moving on, Melanie is now married to Stephen Belafonte, a lovely man and movie producer who seems to be deeply in love with her. I mean, just look at this picture!

He is massaging her feet! Melanie, you are one lucky woman! Please do not screw things up with Stephen: they don’t make men like him anymore. Seriously, they are just out of stock.

Mel B has also worked as a lingerie model and believe me people, she is gorgeous! I mean she is thin, but not skinny, which is a rarity nowadays, her hair is perfect, her skin tone is amazing and she owes that to her English mum and Nevisian dad,  her breasts and bottom perfectly shaped…she is gorgeous!

Last month Mel B and her happy family were spotted poolside, having fun and giving each other loads of affection. Mel B, who is currently pregnant, showed off her baby belly, of which she seems to be very proud, and that’s a good thing. I mean, I don’t like it when pregnant women try to conceal their baby bumps, as they usually end up looking huge, while they are simply pregnant and that is not something to be ashamed of.

What I like about this picture, is Melanie’s white bikini. White really suits her and brings out her luminous skin tone and dark hair. Ok, her butt is remarkably big, but Melanie has always been a sportsperson, so she’ll certainly lose all that extra weight in a few months after giving birth.

Stephen, take good care of her, keep massaging her feet and please try to convince her that blonde hair doesn’t really go well with her skin tone. However, regardless of her hair colour, we appreciate the fact that despite all the trouble she has been through, Melanie looks great and happy.

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