Madeira is a wonderful archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean comprising two main islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and five other smaller uninhabited islands, known as the Desertas. The entire archipelago belongs to Portugal.

Funchal, situated on the Island of Madeira is the capital, other important cities are Vila Baleira, Machico, Santa Cruz, Câmara de Lobos and Santana.

The lush greenery combined with the countless types of flowers makes this archipelago ideal for nature lovers and botanists who will be welcomed by a mild, yet windy springy climate, which allows visitors to practice all the activities they like all year round.

So, what are the main beauties that attract tourists from all over the world? In the first place, we should mention the beautiful historical monuments, squares, flowers, preserves, parks, and small villages that visitors may explore.

The white and golden sandy beaches are usually covered in white and grey stones, just like the ones you will find on Porto Santo, considered one of the most fascinating islands in the world.

Maidera’s waters are home to many different animal species, such as whales and dolphins and. Should you go sightseeing, you will probably spot many rare species of seabirds, some of which live only in this archipelago. Funchal, Madeira’s capital, is dynamic and very crowded: here you will find hotels, tourist facilities, restaurants, swimming pools and anything you may need during your vacation.

Culture lovers will certainly appreciate the museums and historical monuments that dot the city, as well as the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

You may end the evening at Blandy, the famous wine bar, or at the local casino.

In Porto Santo you may visit Cristoforo Colombo’s house, visit the world-renowned Madeira Wine Museum, decorated with Flemish paintings and decorations.

Fun seekers, then, will be spoilt for choice as Madeira’s nightlife is far wilder than one may think: parties, clubs, discos, pubs, nightclubs and beautiful seaside restaurants where couples may enjoy the most romantic dinner.

And, if you are sporty and outdoorsy, all you have to do is choose among the many sports and recreational activities you can practice: hiking, golf, deep sea fishing, diving, tennis, squash, surfing and windsurfing (Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar’s coasts present the best conditions for surfing).

Natural parks and preserves such as the Rocha do Navio Nature Reserve and the Forest Laurissilva surround these islands, offering tourists many beautiful spots to visit and explore either by themselves or in the company of their loved ones.

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