Maaji Swimwear

Maaji Swimwear has been designing top quality, luxury swimwear since 2002. Similar to other Colombian brands, Maaji’s collections are being promoted and sold worldwide, both online and offline.

The average price for a Maaji swimsuit is $120,00. We all know that we don’t need to pay that much to get a nice bikini. However, Maaji Swimwear uses elegant, top quality and durable materials which will make your swimsuit and accessories last a lifetime.

Most of Maaji’s products are completely reversible which means that you get two fabulous swimsuits for the price of one.

Although Maaji is known for its super sexy, skimpy bikinis, its collections include some beautiful one-pieces  which, despite providing full coverage, are remarkably colourful, fresh, joyful and equally sexy.

The swimsuit shown in the picture below, for example, is divided into two sections: the lower one features an elegant floral pattern, while the one that covers the bust is bold and eclectic. The different patterns are linked to each to other by two double black vertical stripes which delineate the silhouette. There is also a belt printed on the lower section of the swimsuit which matches the geometrical designs of the top and emphasizes the hips.

The picture below will help us identify the main features of Maaji’s latest swimwear collection.

Firstly, the top and the bottom feature similar geometric prints. The red and purple decorations contrast with the neutral background and match the colour of the ruffled straps that give an original touch to this fresh, innovative swimsuit. Because Maaji’s creations are so elaborate, you won’t need to wear any accessories, unless they are really discreet.

Polka dots, stripes, floral patterns, geometrical designs are all mixed together in a surprisingly rational manner, making all of Maaji’s swimsuits unpredictable and eye catchy.

One more thing that sets this Colombian brand apart from other beachwear manufacturers is the cultural touch that can be found in every piece. That is why its collections include simple and casual European-style swimsuits, tiny elaborate swimsuits featuring bold colours (such as green, orange, fuchsia, yellow and purple), and more sophisticated, elegant pieces, featuring delicate floral prints and embellishments, such as ruffles, fringes, belts, buttons and bows.

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