The invention of LYCRA® fiber is of relevant importance as it helped the universe of fashion in its development and rising.
Before the Invista (formerly DuPont) scientists invented it in 1958, swimsuits were made with simple fabrics, such as cotton, which changed shaped when wet (and that’s probably why no swimwear advertisement showed wet swimsuits in their campaigns). These scientists were actually looking for some new fiber that could replace the use of rubber in corsetry.

Thanks to its fantastic and advantageous properties, such as flexibility, chlorine resistance and the capability of stretching up to 7 times its original shape, LYCRA® was first appreciated and loved by dancers, as they got to replace their heavy costumes with light and comfortable dresses made with this fiber.

Researches went on, studying this fiber, trying to blend it with other ones, in order to obtain even better results.
Starting from 1947, LYCRA® got discovered by fashion designers, who thought of using it to create a totally new kind of swimwear, more beautiful and more comfortable.
This fiber has also been used for the production of transparent stockings and sportswear, giving athletes a brand new look and freedom of movements.

Over the years, LYCRA® had become so popular, that , in 1994, its managers decided to promote it, by launching a fantastic campaign and creating its unmistakable wave logo.

Ever since, LYCRA® has been officially recognized as the fashionable fiber which enhances clothes and fabrics, making consumers feel comfortable and look better.
Plus, it perfectly fits to the body, without creating those unpleasant wrinkles and lasting much longer.
It became quite popular in the 1970s, when people started care about fitness and, consequently, wanted to look super fit and fabulous by wearing leggings and tight clothes.

In the 1980s, fashion designers realized that they could create eccentric and original collections thanks to this fiber, along with underwear and swimwear.
Considering the twenty-first century lifestyle, where everybody is a commuter, continuously moving and travelling, comfort has become an essential need to everybody.
That’s why most of our clothes are made with LYCRA®, which, in spite of its fantastic properties and advantages, is also very convenient!
Below, you will find a few examples of products made with LYCRA®.

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