Luli Fama

They say that it takes two things to launch a new brand: quality products and a wicked marketing campaign. Luli Fama’s swimsuits are undoubtedly stunning. However, the brand didn’t get much attention until Irina Shayk, one of the most beautiful and famous models in the world, was contacted by Lourdes Hanimian (Luli) and her brother in law to promote their creations.

Lourdes was born in Cuba and brought up in Miami, where Luli Fama swimsuits are designed and manufactured. Augusto was born in Argentina. They both appreciate art and quality, which is why they prefer importing handmade jewelry and fine fabrics from all over the world, rather than just getting some cheap embellishments that will deteriorate with the passage of time.

The brand was launched in 2003, after both Hanimian and her brother-in-law spent some time working in the fashion industry and learning how to design and manufacture swimsuits from Augusto’s aunt, a widely appreciated swimwear designer.

Being of South American descent, the two designers agreed to combine their passion for all those things that characterize Cuba and Argentina, such as vibrant colors, warmth and sun, with the modern lifestyle they got used to while living in Miami. That is why, despite being sexy, feminine and, in most cases, tiny, their swimsuits also present very modern features, such as belts, bows and a wide range of heart, seashell shaped and other embellishments.

One  of the most distinctive features that distinguish Luli Fama from most swimwear brands out there is the incredibly vast array of different styles that they encompass. You will find strapless tops, classic bikini tops, ruffled bandeau tops, traditional tops, extremely tiny tops, low rise bottoms, slightly see through bottoms (only on the back), full lined bottoms, shorts, monokinis and so on…

Below is one of Luli Fama’s latest creations, worn by Irina Shayk. This lovely two piece swimsuit consists of a bandeau top decorated with a maxi bow and a skimpy bottom. Both the shimmery fuchsia fabric and the feminine decorations give this swimsuit a girly romantic flair.

Because Luli Fama’s swimsuits, cover-ups and dresses are all made of the finest fabrics, you won’t need to personalize or embellish them by wearing flashy accessories. Moreover, most of them come in extremely detailed patterns and vibrant colors, which are sure to emphasize any skin tone.

To sum up, Luli Fama is no doubt a brand worth considering if you are looking for a funky swimsuit that will bring out your skin tone and feminine curves this summer!

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